Saturday, March 31, 2007


In recent months I have received a number of letters that are from all across the country; letters from people who grew up watching professional wrestling. These are people who you will not necessarily meet at the CAC reunion or fan conventions. The letters tell stories of wrestlers and encounters, to be sure, but they are recollections that remained in their hearts, and represent some of the best times of their youth.

At this year's CAC reunion, I hope to have many of these letters available for easy reading by our members, along with a few photos and memorabilia. One letter arrived that focuses on this year's Iron Mike Mazurki Award recipient, Don Leo Jonathan. It showed up just in time to be included exclusively on this CAC website. If you enjoy this article, seek me out and I'll make sure you see the others.

Jeff Sharkey
Appleton, WI

By Judy Jackwin Ederer

Mr. Sharkey,
Looking through the pictures really takes me back, black and white photos. Nowadays some photographers love the black and whites. I do wish I had dates etc. written on pictures but as so many people we think at the time we are sure to remember all data!I wanted to add mention and thanks to Mr. Don Leo Jonathan. A giant of a man and a great wrestler. He didn't lose too many matches around this part of the country Of couse all the wrestlers that came to Omaha to a match knew that Nick Bockwinkel's fan club would be there cheering for them too unless they were the "bad dude" at that time. Don Leo Jonathan was a favorite with the Omaha fans, no matter what. If you were a real diehard wrestling fan the ultimate experience was waiting around after the matches and hope to get an autograph, talk to the pro's and to get a snapshot was the best. Don Leo was great at staying around for awhile and taking time to talk with fans, sign autographs and always happy to pose for a picture for a fans memory book. I don't know if that even happens for any fans in any entertainment industry today.

Back in the 1960's our fan clubs ride did not show up, guess they got mixed up whose turn it was to get us. Well Mr Jonathan waited with us waiting to see if our ride would come. After a long while Mr. Jonathan said, I am not leaving your group out here so we rode home in style that night. He was a cadillac man if I am remembering correctly so there was plenty of room to chauffeur all of us home. Sure enough he brought us home safe and sound. That was a biggie thrill for us to have a star doing that for us.

Thanks for many great wrestling memories Mr. Don Leo Jonathan.

Sincerely, From the fans of the best era in professional wrestling AKA The Nick Bockwinkel Fan Club of yester years!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Classic 70's results from the vault of Dr. Mike Lano

Cobo Arena Detroit July 21,1973
Main Event
* The Sheik Def. Johnny Valentine Won U.S Title

Other Bouts:
* Fred Curry Def. Ali Baba
* Tony Marino NC Pampero Firpo DDQ
* Bobo Brazil & The Stomper DEF. Ben Justice & Killer Tim Brooks[ WonU.STagTitles]
* Rufus Jones Def. Gene Madrid
* Lou Klein Def. Bobby Blain
* Chris Tolos Drew Tony Parisi
* Dominic Denucci Def. Baron Scicluna
* The Mongols Def. Dan Miller & Tiger Jeet Singh
Att. 8,750

************************************************************************************************************ Same Night at the Olympia , Olympia Stadium Detroit July 21, 1973
WWA Promotion

Double Main Event
* Dick The Bruiser & Bruno Sammartino DEF. Ernie ladd & Baron Von Raschke { Won WWA Tag Titles ]

Co. Main Event
* Cowboy Bob Ellis Def. Jimmy Valiant
Other Action :
* Mitsu Arakawa & Great Saki DREW Bull Bullinski & Pepper Gomez
* Sailor Art Thomas Def. Kenny Dillinger
* Haiti Kid Def. Frenchy LaMonte
* Bobby Heenan Def. Carlos Belafonte
Att. 5,856Fans

Thursday, March 29, 2007

RIP: Abe Coleman (oldest known professional wrestler)

Abe Coleman (born Abe Kelmer) was a retired professional wrestler and, at the time of his death, believed to be the oldest member of his profession in the world. His wife, June Miller, who he married in 1939 died in 1987. Coleman says he landed in Miller's lap after being thrown from the ring in Madison Square Garden.

Coleman was born in Zychlin, Poland, and moved to the United States in 1923, by way of Canada, to avoid the fate many of his family members faced who perished in the Holocost. Coleman's first match took place in 1928 in New York City when local promoter Rudy Miller offered Coleman $25 to wrestle after seeing him work out in a Brooklyn gym.

Coleman's notability comes from claims that he invented the dropkick. He claimed the move was inspired by kangaroos he saw on a tour of Australia in 1930.

Coleman's nicknames included Hebrew Hercules and Jewish Tarzan. A Jewish man, he wrestled at a time when there were few Jewish athletes.
Coleman's fighting size was 5'3", 200lbs, 18" biceps, and an 18.5" neck. He earned approximately $10,000-$12,000 per match, a high sum during the Great Depression.
Coleman retired from wrestling in 1958 after which he served as a wrestling judge, and inspected license plates for the New York State DMV. Outside of wrestling, Coleman's interests included poker and horse racing.

Coleman died on March 28, 2007 in a nursing home in Queens, New York.

The CAC sends our condolences to the friends and family of Abe Coleman.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A little about the 2007 Reunion M.C., Pepper Martin

We’re honored to have wrestling and Hollywood legend Pepper Martin as our M.C. this year in Vegas.

Canadian Pepper began his career in Buffalo working with Al Lovelock as the Masked Bolos. After conquering the northeast, he sought the warmer clime of the West Coast and never looked back.

Pat Patterson said years ago that if it wasn’t for Pepper, he wouldn’t have been hooked up with his booking mentor, promoter Roy Shire in the San Francisco territory. Pepper suggested Roy bring in Pat from Don Owen’s Portland territory where Pepper had been a top star before Pat arrived from Texas.. He thought, as Shire would concur; that Pat’s bleached blond hair would make him a great tag partner and foe for San Francisco’s biggest wrestling star. Pepper also had a keen eye for talent everywhere he worked, and particularly in the Los Angeles territory. That’s where he first began doing the ringside television commentary with legendary Dick Lane for the Eaton/Lebell promotion besides wrestling there as well.

While in L.A., Pepper teamed and grappled with the likes of friends Fred Blassie, John Tolos, HB Haggarty, Pepper Gomez, Pedro Morales, Mil Mascaras, George “Crybaby” Cannon, Mark Lewin, and more greats. It was Dick “The Sensational, Intelligent Destroyer” Beyer who “first suggested I go with Don Owen’s circuit where a babyface was needed. I’d return to L.A. later and wrestle up and down the West Coast actually.”

“And it was Fred Blassie who got me my first announce, sit-down job for wrestling. He suggested it very strongly to the promoter and booker, and Charlie Moto and Jules Strongbow had me do it with Dick Lane after Fred put in the good word for me. I was nervous since Dick was such a professional, and one of the greatest at the mike. But he put me at ease. You’ll remember Dick had his own movie and tv career appearing in all sorts of classic gangster films on up to Leave It To Beaver. He did everything, and was so incredibly nice to me. I owe a lot of what I learned in announcing to him.”

Pepper took those honed color-commentating skills back to San Francisco where Shire paired him with Walt Harris and later Hank Renner on “Big Time Wrestling” commentary. He slowly retired from the ring, doing the announcing and flying down to Hollywood to work on his growing tv and movie career. But he learned valuable skills doing commentary for various promotions.

He credits CAC legendary actor/wrestler Woody Strode with helping get his showbiz career going and introducing him to great director John Ford, actor Lee Marvin and others. “It really was the start of a new and longer career for me, with obvious longevity. You can’t wrestle forever, as much fun as we all had in the ring. Roy let me go back to L.A. once I was done with my Northern California bookings; to focus primarily on Hollywood” Pepper told me in 1993.“I really had no dreams of ever becoming an actor. I was happy slowly easing into the commentary end of things after various back injuries. In a nutshell, I broke my back in a match in Long Beach and could barely move. Thank goodness for my wife(Jordy), my two daughters and Woody. They helped me avoid major back surgery. And once I later got the acting bug, which is a long story I ran with it.”

Around 1968, Ray Stevens suggested to Roy Shire that Pepper also do the color commentary(now with primary announcer Hank Renner) for the San Francisco wrestling TV show, once legendary Walt Harris quit. “The TV show had to move to Sacramento after Roy lost channel 2 in Oakland over a disagreement. Walt was so busy with Roller Derby, he just didn’t want to make the much longer drive to Sacramento. I flew to Vegas to meet with Shire, and surprisingly he agreed that my acting career had to remain my main priority. Roy flew me up to Sacramento every week for his tv.”

“Perhaps my favorite territory was Don Owen’s in Portland. I asked him for a silly amount of money, 10%, and he gave me that. His word was his bond, and we all had a lot of fun there. Thank you Dick(Beyer) for the suggestion I try working Portland.” Pepper won Don’s single and tag belts many times over and had a tremendous feud with the late Lonnie “Moondog” Mayne. “I asked Don that my retirement match there be with Lonnie, and we had a great one. I was very sad when we lost him in 1977. And I did commentary in all the towns there too.”

There Pepper teamed with Billy White Wolf fresh out of Honolulu(aka Sheik Adnon el Kaisey), Shag Thomas, Luther Lindsay, Paul Jones and besides the wars with Lonnie Mayne; fought Dutch Savage, Tony Borne and of course Pat Patterson. “Pat and I had a really long feud, nearly two years! Every match was different, we prided ourselves on that. I also had some wars with Stan “the man” Stasiak. I’d even suggested to Don(Owen) that he bring him into the territory as I would suggest Pat start with Shire later on.”

In Hollywood, I worked on over 200 tv shows, often as a bad guy or ‘heavy.’ We didn’t call them ‘heels’ there! The more I worked, the better and bigger the parts became. One of my biggest breaks was a film with Dean Martin and some other heavyweights called “Wrecking Crew.”Then things also ballooned after I worked with Henry Fonda and other top names in the play The Time Of Your Life. I’m very proud of the work I did in Superman 2, Walking Tall which The Rock recently remade, Cahill U.S. Marshall and of course with Burt Reynolds in the original “Longest Yard.” I know Adam Sandler remade it with some pro wrestlers like Goldberg, but I like the original because we had so much fun!”

A few years back, Charlie and Lou Thesz asked Pepper for help. They had him look over and help with editing suggestions for Lou Thesz’ magnificent book “Hooker,” which remains a classic. And Pepper reportedly is penning his own autobiography which should be a great read for anyone in both sports and entertainment worlds. He’s attended reunions beyond Cauliflower Alley Club like the Gulf Coast Reunion in Mobile as well as my 1993 Sam Muchnick Tribute weekend I promoted in St Louis. Pepper and his entire family are looking after his health after eye and lung cancer several years back, which caused him to ease off on his acting and script editing. He’s always got family around his Glendale home, still golfs and maintains all his Hollywood friendships. And of course his many relationships in the wrestling business.

This April in Las Vegas, we’re honored to have this great athlete and entertainer as our M.C. He definitely fits in with Mike Mazurki’s original CAC concept of combining fighters and entertainers to break bread and pay tribute to one another. “I’m very honored Mike to be M.C., and Cauliflower Alley is great,” Pepper says. “We all love getting together with one another and this will be a great year.”

A special thank you for all the contributions Dr. Mike Lano has made with this, and this years Bios of the 2007 Honorees.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Systems check please ignore

After several weeks of "blog" problems the CAC blog is now functioning correctly. I will be posting under my own name now instead of using Karl Lauers. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Doctor commits to CAC Reunion!

Karl Lauer attended a wrestling show this weekend that Harley Race was running. Karl had a long talk with Dr. Death Steve Williams and he has "signed the dotted line" to attend the reunion! Dr. Death will be bringing a limited amount of his just released book "How Dr. Death became Dr. Life" For the very few people that do not know Dr. Death Steve Williams., you can view his website at OKLASTAMPED

One other note:
Scott Hosey said threes only a few tables left for the nostalgia fair that runs all day Friday and Saturday, this is the only area that we allow non members to come into, to help those who are selling items a chance to move a few more. The Hotel WILL NOT ALLOW any tables to be sold the day of the event. So if you are wanting a table, I strongly suggest calling Scott ASAP at 702-459-7529 or e mail him at to reserve your table. The CAC does not ask for percentage of your sales, this is just a way to put a extra pay day in your pocket. If you have a book, a lot of photos or just some collectible's you want to sell, here is your chance to do so.

This is going to be a bang up year for first timers! Just a few weeks from now we will all be in Las Vegas!
I look forward to seeing you all there,

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I had a call from CAC director Scott Hosey yesterday and he informed me there are a few tables left for the nostalgia fair that runs all day Friday and Saturday, this is the only area that we allow non members to come into, to help those who are selling items a chance to move a few more. A few years ago Terry Funk sold all of his books the first day as well as his famous t shirts. You can call Scott at 702-459-7529 or e mail him at to reserve your table. The CAC does not ask for percentage of your sales, this is just a way to put a extra pay day in your pocket. If you have a book, a lot of photos or just some collect ables you want to sell, here is your chance to do so.

We have a record number of first timers coming this year, to name a few Bret Hart, Lars Anderson, Princess Jasmine, Mike "Bolo" Rykoff, Laura Martinez, Fred Peloquin, Takeshi Morishima, Gil Hayes, Dr Hiro Ota, Giby and Vinny Sihra, Akio Sato, Betty Niccoli, Nate Burke and a huge group returning this year.

We are still accepting reservations up till April 14th, after that I will be on my way to Vegas, if you show up with out a reservation, you may not have a seat. I know that some are not able to make plans too far in advance and bookings do change and all of a sudden you find you can make it, we always try to accommodate those who are "late".

In closing if you have not booked your room at the Riviera Hotel, THEY ARE COMPLETLY SOLD OUT FOR OUR WEEK, so try the Circus Circus, Sahara or the Hilton. Hope to see you in just a few weeks. Be Well
Karl Lauer

Enhancement Talent

I was talking to Karl Lauer this weekend and amongst the different CAC related items we was discussing, It was brought to my attention I was the newest Board member of the CAC. In this business of Professional Wrestling I would be considered "enhancement talent". It is my job to, put "people over".

Working on the CAC website, I have put some of the greatest of greats "over". And have enjoyed every minute of it. When my "storyline" gets old I will gracefully walk away a "champion in my own mind" (Keep in mind that's along way from now). But the hardest part of the entire website is the RIP section (Several of the legends I have never met, Several I have never had the privilege to watch them in the ring. But since joining the CAC I have become friends with some of the best wrestlers in the world. "Heels" that I hated with a passion, now are some of the best friends a person could ask for). So many have left us this year already. So just be sure and thank your hero's this year at the reunion when you see them. I know they will appreciate it!

Now Im going to wrestle a broom and put myself "over"....
March 15th was my 41st birthday. Minus my back problems I feel pretty darn good (to be an old hillbilly)! My fulltime "real" job is owner/operator of a Taxidermy Studio. So with that said, Annette and myself headed to Raleigh,NC on the 15th for a art expo. reception. President Lancaster of the North Carolina Community colleges received 2000 submissions for the art expo. Of the 2000 submissions only 150 pieces was accepted, (these 150 pieces will be on display for 1 year) Mine being the only art of taxidermy accepted. These items was placed throughout the 5 story building. Mine was located in the "Presidential suite". I talked to many of the Staff there and was informed that President Lancaster decided were each piece of art went. So to know that he chose my piece to go in his office area was very humbling. At the end of the year, Commissioner of Insurance for the state of N.C. will walk through and decide if he would like to have any of the pieces to go in his office for a year. So my taxidermy work is in the running for that as well....

So now you know alittle bit about what I do outside the CAC and professional wrestling. Im looking forward to arriving in Vegas a few days before the reunion kicks off and enjoy some time away from phones ,work and computer. Be sure to say hello to me and let me know what you think of the reunion. Don't hold it against me if I don't speak first, Several of the BOD are very busy at the reunion and have a million things going on.

Looking forward to another wonderful reunion!
See you all in a few short weeks,

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

From the President of the Gulf Coast Reunion

Another year in the books. Another very successful Gulf Coast Reunion is also in the books.

We did this with heavy hearts as Ann Bowman was missed by all very much. Our prayers are with Bill and the family. This was our biggest turnout so far in our 16 years. Our cooks for the last 15 years retired and we had to find new ones. The Knights Of Columbus at my church came to the rescue Saturday, and Kurt Neilsen rescued us Friday night with the cooking. The food was delicious as always. The entertainment was magnificent. We sure missed Karl and Dean.

We want to thank the CAC for their contribution and continuous support. I always look forward to Vegas, but for obvious reasons I am overly excited about this year's banquet.

The 2007 GCWR honorees this year will be placed here on the CAC website in a few days. However the honorees for the 2007 GCWR are:
The Speedy Hatfield Award Rocket Monroe
The Lee Fields Award Ann Bowman
The Legend Award Belle Starr, Louie Tillet, Charlie Carr
The Pioneer Award William Stone, Stan Hansen, Don Wright
The Referee Award Bill Mcminn, Travis Weberling
The Horizon Award John Saxon
The Appreciation Award Karl Lauer, Shuhei Aoki

Thanks again to everyone.
See you all in Vegas!!!
Bob Kelly
President Of The Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion

Monday, March 19, 2007

Gorgeous Michelle Starr makes plans for the reunion.

When I started coming around the business in 1985 I use to go to the shows promoted by Karl Lauer in Southern Callifornia. That is where I met alot of the guys that I still consider my friends today like Karl, Bill Anderson, Jesse Hernandez, Jack Armstrong, Tim Patterson, Larry Sampson and many others.

A couple of guys that helped me when I was starting out that have since passed are Professor Toru Tanaka, Jay York and Ripper Savage. Bill trained me in a place called Gils Garage and East LA. Funny how later in my career I would wrestle Gil in TJ. I also did some training with Jesse Hernandez and the Great Goliath. It was quite the honor getting to tag with Great Goliath in Tijuana. Man he knew how to work the crowd. Larry Sampson and I started wrestling in Tijuana together and from there we went up to work full time in Canada.

Larry was known as Sweet Daddy Sampson in BC. We had weekly tv that was seen coast to coast. I was greener than green and had to learn the hard way and the best way in the ring on the job. I would like to thank Al Tomko for giving me the chance to learn and grow as a wrestler. Another man who was a big help to be in Canada was Moose Morowski. Moose always had time for us young guys and he still has time for us today.

Gorgeous Michelle Starr is a flamboyant character patterned after Exotic Adrian Street, Adrian Adonis and the Mexican Wrestlers that do the same gimmick. I always liked the reaction of the fans from my gimmick. Some in pure disgust and others who loved it. Who would think the qay gimmick would be a face in Japan but it was.

I have done 10 tours of Japan for IWA Japan for Mr. Asano. I did 5 Tours of South Korea for WWA Korea here I got to meet the famous Kim Ill (Headbutt the called him). I went to England and Scotland for Brian Dixons All Star Wrestling. In England I met many guys and the one who looked after me here was Chic Cullen aka Robbie Stewart from Stampede. He helped me with the English style. British Columbia for Al Tomko, Portland Wrestling for Sandy Barr and numerous other indys up and down the coast. I also started my career in California and Mexico and had alot or my early matches in The Auditorio in Tijuana and Arena 72. I also have had my fair share of tv matches over the years for the WWF(now WWE), AWA(Verne Gagne) and WCW.

I Started my own group with partners in 1995 called ECCW(Extreme Canadiana Championship Wrestling). At the high point in the promotion we were running over 100 shows a year and sometimes 2 shows a night in BC and > Washington State. We used talent like Matt Borne, Billy Two Eagles, Moondog Moretti, Payboy Buddy Rose, The Honkytonk Man, Steve Corino and others over the the years. I left ECCW at the end of 2006. I am currently wrestling for AWA Pinnacle Wrestling in Washington State about once or twice a month.

My real job is working on the docks as a Longshoreman in British Columbia. I consider myself a Canadian. And look forward to this years reunion.
Mark Vellios
aka Gorgeous Michelle Starr


The Wrestlers! In the 1990's, my wife Ruth and I hosted a series of annual "Northwest Wrestling" reunions at our home in Issaquah, Washington (yes, our neighbor is indeed Ichicaro Suzuki). We invited all the local talent that had performed in this area and then opened it up to "national" talent that wanted to make the trip to Sea-Tac Airport to partcipate in a Seattle happening.

We were amazed, because word spread very quickly about our events and within two years, "national" talents outnumbered the "local boys." We learned a great deal about wrestling reunions hosting these events, but the most startling fact we learned was that the biggest marks in wrestling are the wrestlers themselves, not the fans.

When Red Bastien heard that Kay Bell was going to attend our reunion, Red & Carol were on a plane from Dallas to get here. The late Kay Bell, an old time local guy had been a wrestler in the 1930s and 40s as well as a movie actor in some of Cecil B. DeMille's classics. Red came in the front door of our house and said, "...where's Kay Bell? I've got to meet him." He later confessed that as a kid growing up, Kay Bell was his favorite wrestler and Red was in complete awe upon seeing Kay there live and in person. Red looked like a 12-year old fan asking Kay Bell for his autograph and we all learned something from our CAC President's desire to meet a childhood idol.

Then, one reunion Lou Thesz decided to attend with his wife Charlie. Also there were Johnny Valentine, Ray Stevens, Pepper Gomez, Fab. Moolah, Pat Patterson, Fritz von Goering, Don Leo Jonathan, and others. Names that would send a mark over the edge, but do you know what happened? All these top stars just mentioned, absolutely became unglued when Billy Wicks and when Ray Eckert walked in the front door. They were all "marks" in the presence of these two guys.

You see, in this business, where you take bumps with your body and later pay for it, every professional wrestler is respected by every other pro matter how much money you made, or how little money you made, every wrestler "marks out" when they see a talent that may have influenced them at one point in their career.

And so come April 21st, 2007, at the Riviera Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, the room will be filled with wrestlers, promoters, bookers, referees, announcers, publicsts, historians, and fans. One thing will be for sure, everyone in attendance, I mean everyone (including me) will mark out.
Dean Silverstone
CAC Executive Director

George Schire speaks at Jim Melby's memorial

Wanted all of you to know that I attended the memorial service for our friend Jim Melby. I was asked by his daughter Shelly to say a few words, and have to say it was one of the few times in my life that I was at a loss for words.

The church was packed to the rafters....or in wrestling terms, "Sold Out!" :) I was told the church holds 350 people, and not a space in it was empty...and there were folks standing in the back as well.

I had talked to Jim on the Thursday before he passed away. We had set up a time to get together on Saturday morning the 17th at 10:00am. Ironcially, that was the time I was saying goodbye to him at the service.

I reminded all those present that in every wrestling program over the years that Jim and I collected, were the words, "Program Subject to Change". Then I said...with Jim "no showing" today for our arranged meeting, those words are ringing true. Some laughter was heard from those who understood my comments.

All in all, Jim would have been pleased to know that there were a lot of people who will miss him. I know I will! We were friends since February 1969...and another bit of irony, the very first time I met Jim was on February 17, 1969. How weird is that?

Hope all you are doing well, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you in April.

PLEASE, no more "Program Subject to Change" from anyone!

Take care and God Bless!
George Schire

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RIP:"GOLDEN BOY" Arnold Skaaland

"Golden Boy" Arnold Skaaland was a professional wrestler for many years, before retiring from in ring competition. Skaaland owned shares in the World Wide Wrestling Federation, and helped with the daily running of the company. Skaaland's only title came during 1967, when he captured the WWWF US Tag Team Titles with Spiros Arion.

Arnold Skaaland would occasionally make his way out of retirement to substitute for a no-show wrestler or to lose to up and coming wrestlers. Skaaland moved into the managerial role in the 1970s, where he managed Bruno Sammartino during his WWWF title reign. He would later manage Bob Backlund during his WWWF Title run.

The CAC sends our condolences to the friends and family of Arnold "GOLDEN BOY" Skaaland.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Test post

This is a test post. Please ignore.

RIP: Ernie "THE CAT" Ladd

CAC member and 2005 honoree, Ernie "THE CAT" Ladd, a talented football player who made his name nationally as a wrestler, died overnight, according to family members.

Ladd, 68, had battled cancer — first in his colon, then later in his stomach and bones — since 2004. Born Nov. 28, 1938, in Rayville, but raised in Orange, Texas, he worked through his final years as a pastor in the Louisiana town of Franklin.

Today, he's the only person in both the American Football League and World Wrestling Federation halls of fame. Ladd is also a 1994 inductee into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, and joined the San Diego Hall of Champions in 2004.

Ladd began wrestling on the side during his rookie season, and the "Big Cat" found that wrestling paid more, and would give up football for the ring. Ladd ran feuds with the 70's two biggest draws, Andre the Giant and Dusty Rhodes, and was considered a major part of the 1970's wrestling scene.

Funeral arrangements were still pending today, according to Roslyn Ladd, his wife of more than 45 years.

The CAC sends our condolences to the friends and family of Ernie "THE BIG CAT" Ladd.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Did you know?

Oh, if only the walls could talk.....

Opening on April 20,1955, the Riviera Hotel and Casino was the darling of the Las Vegas Strip. More than 50 years later, the rich tradition contniiues and it seems everyone has a favorite story or fact about the hotel and it's history.

For instance, did you know:

The Riviera was the first high-rise casino on the strip at a whopping nine stories?

Barbra Streisand was the "added special attraction" and opening act for Liberace in 1963?

Dean Martin once owned 10 percent of the hotel?
The year.....1969

Frank Gorshin starred in "SPLASH" when the production opened in 1985?

The Riviera hosted the Larry Holmes - Leon Spinks heavyweight title fight in 1985?
Spinks upset Holmes to deny the former champion his 49th consecutive win in his bid to tie Rock Marciano's all time record.

And in 2007 The Cauliflower Alley club returns to the Riviera for yet another Reunion!

If you havent made your reservations yet DO SO ASAP! The discount room rates expires in less than 4 days!

Which day is best to book your flight?

According to Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor of NBC's "Today Show" and author of "The Travel Detective", the best day to make your best deal is on Wednesday.

Usually, Friday night is the time when airlines raise their fares. Monday is when the airfare wars are just getting started. By late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, the airfare wars are at their peak.

As an example, Greenberg says, let's say upstart Airline A decides to begin a fare war. More than likely it happens on a Friday night. Usually, some (but not all) of the major airlines will match that fare on routes where they compete with Airline A. Does that mean you should still book tickets over the weekend? Absolutely not. As previous mentioned, some, but not all, of the major airlines will match that fare.

By late Monday, depending on how that new fare is doing in the marketplace, Airline B might jump into the battle and offer an even lower fare, so look for all the other airlines to rush to match that one - usually by Tuesday - and the war is on! Prices might even go lower on Wednesday. And that's when you strike. Wait any longer than Wednesday and you might be in trouble. The wars usually end by Thursday Morning.

There is even a best time to buy your ticket on Wednesday. It is sometime after 1 am. At about midnight (Tuesday night - Wednesday morning), the airlines usually load their computers with the latest low - cost fares that were announced the previous day but these fares will be canceled if they are not purchased within 24 hours.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Don Leo Jonathan and the big BUMP!

Below is a story as told by, Jack Laskin. Jack has also done stage plays and wrote the stage play "Just one of the Boys" Jack performed the second marriage vows for Tiger and Ineta Conway in Las Vegas for a LIWA convention, super nice guy who will be in Vegas in April, be sure you get to meet him.

What could be more satisfying than working with Don Leo Jonathan? You couldn’t help but have a good match because he always made the baby face look so good..

During a match in Hamilton, I used a move that I had used for the first time with Gene Kiniski, a couple of weeks ago. I leaped up on to his shoulders from behind. The crowd liked it, big response, but there’s nothing exciting I could really do with the move once I’m up there other than to beat on his head, so I tell Kiniski to put his hands under my feet and push up. He does that and I push off from his head which sends me up another three feet in the air and I take a bump from 9-10 feet. Then, I do a kip up and a drop kick. It’s a great high spot.

So in the match with Jonathan, Frank Tunney instructs me to do the same move and go into the finish . However, he tells Jonathan that we are going to do the move and, to back in towards the corner and THEN, push me off so that my head hits the turnbuckle on the way down.

I don’t know this, I haven’t agreed to this, so I do the jump; I’m up there on his shoulders, pummeling his head, the crowd is screaming, we got a lot of heat, and Jonathan is backing up.

“Where you goin’.” I ask him.“Tunney wants you to hit your head on the turnbuckle on the way down.” answers Jonathan.


Which he does and I take the bump, much higher than Kiniski and I feel it.
I then did my kip up and drop kick and we went into the finish. It was great.

Back in the dressing room, Jonathan says to me,“When you took that bump I thought I killed you. When you kipped up and drop kicked me, I WANTED TO KILL YOU!

He was right, I knew he was right. I never used that move again.


Allan Coage, renowned far and wide as Bad News Allen during his lengthy run with Stampede Wrestling and other promotions in North America and Japan, and as Bad News Brown during his WWF tenure, passed away at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 6, 2007.

Coage was taken to Calgary's Foothills Hospital on Monday evening, suffering from severe chest pains, and went into cardiac arrest early Tuesday morning. He was 63. He had undergone hip replacement surgery three weeks previous, and apparently was recovering well.

He was originally from New York City, and took up judo at an early age, capping his career in that sport by capturing an Olympic bronze medal. Coage's professiional wrestling career started in high gear in Japan, and continued unabated in North America. The intensity of his promos was matched by very few in the business, and added to his tearaway, give-no-quarter ring style, made believers of uncounted numbers of fans. After his retirement, Bad News brought his outspoken style to the TV microphone alongside Mauro Ranallo, now the voice of The Fight Network in Canada, during some eight months with the reborn Stampede Wrestling in 1999-2000.

The members of the Cauliflower Alley Club send their sympathies to his widow Helen, and his children.

RIP - Ray "Thunder" Stern

Walter Bookbinder, professionally known as Ray "Thunder" Stern, died on March 6, 2007 due to complications following heart surgery.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on January 12, 1933, Stern (his mother's maiden name) was known for his wrestling skills and business savvy. He began wresling in 1950 at the tender age of 17, working for Rudy Dusek, and worked into the mid-1960s. While wrestling, he started his own health club and airline. Truly a diverse and amazing individual.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the friends and family of this fine individual. A big part of the CAC for years, his death leaves a very big void in many lives.