Sunday, November 28, 2004

RIP: Billy Spears

On yet another final count, we just learned Billy Spears passed away about 3 weeks ago at the age of 72. Billy had been in ill health for several years. He was a top draw all over in singles and tag teams, and later became a very successful manager.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

RIP: Ronald Smith

It is with deep sadness I am letting you know that Ronald Smith, son of Charlie & Louise Smith passed away today. Ronald was 47 years of age and the cause of his death was liver failure.

As you all know, Charlie is referred to at our Gulf Coast Wrestling Reunion as our Good Will Ambassador and he is a life member of CAC.

Please have Charlie & Louise in your prayers. If you would like to send a card, their address is 1539 Temple Johnson Road, Loganville, GA 30249.

Charlie did not give me the date/time of services but Wages Funeral Home in Snellville, Georgia will be handling the arrangements.

Bill Bowman
Gulf Coast Wrestling Reunion
Board Member - Cauliflower Alley Club

RIP: Dandy Jack Donovan

From Karl Lauer:

It is with deep regret I let you know that this morning in a accident at a construction site that Dandy Jack Donavan was killed. Dandy Jack was a long time CAC member and a honoree at our first Newton Iowa reunion. A member of the Gulf Coast Reunion and a friend to so many. Jack had fought and defeated the big C in the last few years and just turned 76. He had gone to the mall construction site where he had a crew from his painting company working. Shirley his wife was not clear why he climbed a ladder but a freak accident he fell and was killed instantly. Those of you who know Jack and Shirley Donavant, keep her in your prayers and let her know how much Jack meant to you. When she called me at 3:45 PM Missouri time the accident had only happened 6 hours earlier.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Red Bastien to under go Hip Surgury

CAC President Red Bastien will fly to Rochester MN to the Mayo clinic where he will have his hip replacememnt of 2 years ago redone. Last week in Los Angeles while visiting Maria Bernardi at the hospital, he heard a loud pop and lost his balance. The hip joint literly broke off at the shaft. The doctors said it was only the 2nd time in 22 years anything like this has happened. Leave it to Red to do the impossible. All kidding aside, he has had a rough go and said "no pain no gain and I will be in Vegas in April for the 40th,it will be our biggest and best ever ' Red has always been a fast healer and we all wish him a speedy recovery. He said they have told him it will be 2 months of intense therapy as the surgury is much more intense to rebuild the whole hip. He plans to be back in Dallas in two weeks so if you want to send him a card, he loves jokes and funny cards the address is P.O.Box 701422 in Dallas TX 75370

Also Maria Bernardi is back in Ceders Hospital in Los Angeles, we also wish her a speedy recovery, her membership number is #3, and she has been with the club it's entire 40 years. She can tell you stories that will make you laugh or make you cry, be sure to ask her when you see her in Vegas.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

RIP - Chuck Molnar

Canadian grappler Charles "Chuck" Molnar died on Monday, November 8, 2004. Molnar gained fame by facing and handling Gorgeous Gus, the wrestling bear, over a series of years. He attended many of the CAC functions over the years in Studio City, as well as the Gulf Coast Wrestling Reunion.

A full tribute will appear in our Finishes (RIP) section shortly.

We at the CAC send our condolences to the family and friends of Chuck Molnar.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Riviera Hotel and our 40th

I have just returned from Las Vegas where VP Nick Bockwinkel and Director Gloria Lovell and I met with the staff from the Riviera. The rumor that some clown spread about the hotel closing and looking old is pure hog wash. The Top of the RIV as it's referred to, is beautiful with a fantastic view of the strip. We will be holding the balony blowout and the awards up there, the good news is it's a great room to be in. The not so good is we will be limited to the original 560, and may have to cut it off at 520. But you can be sure with Terry Funk, Ernie Ladd, Kenny Jay,Paul Christy ,Bunny Love ,Les Thatcher and Sir Oliver Humperdink, we will be sold out. Not looking for a record crowd, but a quality group to share the ring of friendship, besides 500 is alot of friends to visit with in only 3 days.

Now for rest of the show, we have 6000 plus square feet on the ground floor next to the main convention entrance, close to the elevators of the tower we will be in, less then 200 ft to the buffet and a wee bit more to the nearest bar. The seminar will take place there on Thursday and Friday, in a nice section with high ceilings, Nick Bockwinkel will once again have his silent auction with items donated by our members, if you have something to donate please let me Know, what ever it brings at the auction you can receive a tax credit for the donation, Scott Hosey will also offer the nostagia fair for items to trade or sell, the fee you pay for the booth, covers the cost of the table, permit selling fee and sales tax permit. We do not ask you for a percentage of your sales and some have sold over a $1000.00 worth, and traded for a lot more. This is NOT designed to make money for the club but to provide a chance for the members to help cover their costs in coming to Vegas.

Plus there will be plenty of space to mingle, visit, and enjoy your friends. There are 3 bars in the hotel, plus a food court, and 2 upscale restaurants

We are getting reservations in every day, still have around 400 left but please don't wait and be shut out, when we reach the capacity we have to shut it down. Hope you make it to Vegas but don't wait too long.