Thursday, March 22, 2007

Enhancement Talent

I was talking to Karl Lauer this weekend and amongst the different CAC related items we was discussing, It was brought to my attention I was the newest Board member of the CAC. In this business of Professional Wrestling I would be considered "enhancement talent". It is my job to, put "people over".

Working on the CAC website, I have put some of the greatest of greats "over". And have enjoyed every minute of it. When my "storyline" gets old I will gracefully walk away a "champion in my own mind" (Keep in mind that's along way from now). But the hardest part of the entire website is the RIP section (Several of the legends I have never met, Several I have never had the privilege to watch them in the ring. But since joining the CAC I have become friends with some of the best wrestlers in the world. "Heels" that I hated with a passion, now are some of the best friends a person could ask for). So many have left us this year already. So just be sure and thank your hero's this year at the reunion when you see them. I know they will appreciate it!

Now Im going to wrestle a broom and put myself "over"....
March 15th was my 41st birthday. Minus my back problems I feel pretty darn good (to be an old hillbilly)! My fulltime "real" job is owner/operator of a Taxidermy Studio. So with that said, Annette and myself headed to Raleigh,NC on the 15th for a art expo. reception. President Lancaster of the North Carolina Community colleges received 2000 submissions for the art expo. Of the 2000 submissions only 150 pieces was accepted, (these 150 pieces will be on display for 1 year) Mine being the only art of taxidermy accepted. These items was placed throughout the 5 story building. Mine was located in the "Presidential suite". I talked to many of the Staff there and was informed that President Lancaster decided were each piece of art went. So to know that he chose my piece to go in his office area was very humbling. At the end of the year, Commissioner of Insurance for the state of N.C. will walk through and decide if he would like to have any of the pieces to go in his office for a year. So my taxidermy work is in the running for that as well....

So now you know alittle bit about what I do outside the CAC and professional wrestling. Im looking forward to arriving in Vegas a few days before the reunion kicks off and enjoy some time away from phones ,work and computer. Be sure to say hello to me and let me know what you think of the reunion. Don't hold it against me if I don't speak first, Several of the BOD are very busy at the reunion and have a million things going on.

Looking forward to another wonderful reunion!
See you all in a few short weeks,