Thursday, March 22, 2007


I had a call from CAC director Scott Hosey yesterday and he informed me there are a few tables left for the nostalgia fair that runs all day Friday and Saturday, this is the only area that we allow non members to come into, to help those who are selling items a chance to move a few more. A few years ago Terry Funk sold all of his books the first day as well as his famous t shirts. You can call Scott at 702-459-7529 or e mail him at to reserve your table. The CAC does not ask for percentage of your sales, this is just a way to put a extra pay day in your pocket. If you have a book, a lot of photos or just some collect ables you want to sell, here is your chance to do so.

We have a record number of first timers coming this year, to name a few Bret Hart, Lars Anderson, Princess Jasmine, Mike "Bolo" Rykoff, Laura Martinez, Fred Peloquin, Takeshi Morishima, Gil Hayes, Dr Hiro Ota, Giby and Vinny Sihra, Akio Sato, Betty Niccoli, Nate Burke and a huge group returning this year.

We are still accepting reservations up till April 14th, after that I will be on my way to Vegas, if you show up with out a reservation, you may not have a seat. I know that some are not able to make plans too far in advance and bookings do change and all of a sudden you find you can make it, we always try to accommodate those who are "late".

In closing if you have not booked your room at the Riviera Hotel, THEY ARE COMPLETLY SOLD OUT FOR OUR WEEK, so try the Circus Circus, Sahara or the Hilton. Hope to see you in just a few weeks. Be Well
Karl Lauer