Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keller Entertainment Presents "The Karaoke Show with Bob Keller"

We have been ask by several members if the Karaoke show will take place this year. The Answer? YES!

Keller Entertainment (from Columbia, South Carolina)will once again will be performing, "THE KARAOKE SHOW with Bob Keller" on Tuesday night immediately after the blowout. I talked with Mr. Keller tonight. He said, Morgan, we can be there aslong as people want to party and have a good time. I sent President Bockwinkel a email to confirm this, and he replied that he was practicing on a song. And that he should be ready by April.

Bob Keller has been a CAC member for several years. A Professional Wrestler known as the FABULOUS PLAYBOY, traveled with pro-wrestler,the Barbarian for several years and has turned a part time Karaoke job into a full time job. Mr. Keller has made arrangements to have his bookings on the east coast taken care of so he can head west and bring his talent to the CAC.

So for all you KARAOKE stars get ready! Its a go! The KARAOKE show is set!

See you all in Vegas!