Friday, April 18, 2008

Update on Susan Green

I received the following e-mail today:

As many fans recently learned, wrestling legend Susan Green was hospitalized with an extremely serious staph infection following a surgical procedure several months ago.

She is better, but as we all know, staph infections can be very serious. Susan has been in the hospital since Feb 5th. Doctors discovered the infection while looking at a stomach & intestine problem and the staph infection that was around her back area.

She is making progress. Early on, the doctors had said that her condition was critical. Although her condition is still very serious, she is improving.
While she is no longer critical, I want to stress the seriousness of this. The infection has affected her left side and she is partially paralized on that side. She does physical theraphy every day for about 3 hours, and there is every hope that she will regain her full mobility. She still has a long way to go, but she is doing her best. And anyone who has been lucky enough to know Susan knows just what her "best" means that she won't give up, and she won't give in.
Please pray for her complete recovery.

Also, it would be very encouraging for her to receive cards and letters, etc sent to her in care of:

Susan Green / Room 953
Palmetto Baptist Hospital
Taylor and Marion Steets
Columbia, SC 29220

Al Friend Recuperating

We received an e-mail from good friend of CAC, Al Friend, today. After a routine check-up on Monday, it was discovered that Al required vascular surgery. Fortunately, Al was able to quickly schedule the surgery and, even more fortunately, Al seems to have amazing recuperative powers as he was released from the hospital already! Please keep Al in your thoughts.

CAC Adds Another Life Member!

The newest life member to CAC's Ring of Friendship is none other than "Good Old JR" himself, Jim Ross. According to his April 17 blog entry, JR is still planning on making it to our June Reunion. The CAC is proud to welcome Ross to our membership roster and hope that he will join us year after year!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get Well Soon, Killer!

We received an e-mail last night letting us know that Walter "Killer" Kowalski has been in a rehab center since April 2.

Walter fell three separate times and hurt his knees badly. After a two week stay in the hospital, he was sent to the rehab center. Walter is walking with a walker and can't navigate very well. They are speaking to an Orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to see if anything can be done to help Walter walk better.

Contrary to what has been reported, we have been told that HE DID NOT HAVE A MINI STROKE.

According to his wife, Walter just wants to go home.

Please keep the Kowalski family in your thoughts.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Former Girl Star Susan Green In Critical Condition

The CAC received word from Al Mandell today that former girl wrestling star, Susan Green, is in critical condition in the hospital with a grim prognosis. Details are limited; however, according to Al, Susan had surgery and contracted an infection. We will post information as it becomes available.

Please keep her and her family in your thoughts.

For more information on the life and career of Susan Green, see SLAM's article here.

I got another call from Al and, as he explained to me, Susan went into the hospital in mid-February for surgery. After the surgery, she developed a staph infection and was in the hospital for an extended period. It appeared that the infection cleared up and she was released from the hospital and sent home, but then went back to the hospital. After being in the hospital for several days, somebody noticed a sore on her back and, as it was explained to me, the staph infection had gone into her spine or spinal column.

On the bright side, Al did say that she has stabilized since being in ICU. Hopefully this means that the prognosis has improved as well.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

WWE Announcer Jim Ross Vegas bound!

Jim Ross and his black Resistol hat has made plans and committed to attend the CAC Reunion in Las Vegas in June. This is just one of many reasons why you should make your plans to attend this years reunion.

As JR would say,
This is sure to be one slobber knocker of a good time!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Golf Discounts Available!

All CAC members coming to Las Vegas for the annual Reunion have received a special offer from The Rhodes Ranch Golf Club and The Tuscany Golf Club. For any CAC member wishing to play either or both of these courses, they are offering:

* 10% green fee discount
* 50% off rental clubs
* Free $10 pro-shop gift certificate
* FREE TRANSPORTATION to and from the Riviera

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call the club of your choice and mention the Cauliflower Alley Club!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Final Advertising Spot Available in Banquet Program!

That's right - there is only one spot left for advertising in the 2008 Reunion Banquet Program! The last available space is for a full-page ad priced at only $200!

If you're interested in supporting Cauliflower Alley Club with your advertising, please send an e-mail to

Friday, April 04, 2008

CAC Member Doing Good Things!

Longtime CAC Member, Lisa "The Adjuster" Haynes is still active in rescuing homeless animals and is also the founder of "Save Our Strays" in Huntington, VT. This article was recently passed along to the CAC webmasters. Please take a read at the good things this CAC member is doing!