Monday, August 21, 2006

Advertising now available for Banquet Program

Would you like to advertise your business in the 2007 CAC Banquet program? The CAC is now taking orders for this coming years banquet program. More information can be found on the CAC Reunion news & History section of the site by clicking here.

John Tolos health update

Our dedicated CAC board member Dean Silverstone sent this in to the website;

John is recovering in an assisted care facility in Southern California and is doing well. He was recently visited by Pepper Martin and when he told Pepper that he wanted very much to attend the CAC reunion/banquet this April in Las Vegas, Pepper offered to drive him over in their car. John told him YES, if he was able to go, he would ride along with Pepper.

The CAC website appreciates Dean sending in this info. If you have any news about CAC members in your neck of the woods and would like to share this with the website, please email Morgan at

Sunday, August 20, 2006

2007 CAC Reunion in full swing!

Less than 8 months from now we will be honoring the legends of this great sport we all love. April 21st 2007 is the night we will all gather at the "TOP OF THE RIV". Lots of updated information will be posted once it has all been finalized.

Start making plans now to attend this very special reunion. For more information visit the CAC reunion news & History section of the CAC website.

CAC T-shirts

Did you miss out on the CAC reunion t-shirts this past June? We have a few left from the reunion. For more information please visit the CLASSIFIED SECTION of the CAC site for more info.

Bob Kelly comments in "Board Briefs"

This edition of the Board briefs section has been updated with a very interesting article about why or why not you should invest in a expensive metal detector. A must read for all the treasure hunters!
To learn more click here.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Good news from the office

Always nice to be able to report the good news to our members and friends. Just talked to Nick Bockwinkel and he reports that Pat Patterson is home and well on the mend. Needless to say he had a ton of mail, e-mail and cards and letters waiting. Via Nick he sends his thanks to his friends for their concern and prayers.

By now you will have the newsletter in hand and can start making plans to attend us once more in Las Vegas, this time a much cooler time of the year in April and were back at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, the dates April 19th to the 21st, Check out the reunion section here on the web site for details as they are finalized. Friday night blowout, will be taking a new image and will be tribute night for all our Canadian members and a special tribute to the Hart Family and Owen Hart. Plus there will be a special presentation for the 10 count now on Friday night.

The ugliest man on the screen, our own Scott Schwartz who wrestled for 20 years before becoming a major character actor in the movies, has taken on the role of the CAC Hollywood connection. This was a role that Mike Mazurki our club founder use to love, he would always have a table full of movie stars show up for the banquet, and they came to SEE the wrestlers, he use to say this a little frosting on the cake. we had James Cagney, Richard Eagan, Stella Stevens, Cesar Romero, Joe Don Baker, John Saxton, Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, and the list goes on and on, Scott has worked with the biggest names in Hollywood and his featured role in Oceans 12 with George Clooney has made him a very famous face. So we have no idea who he will get to join the club or who will show up, but it should be a segment that we all can enjoy and meet some nice people also.

Our MC for the banquet will be Pepper Martin who has done it all in the wrestling business, over 20 years in the ring, a top booker, TV Commentator, and movie star, the only man ever to defeat Superman (Christopher Reeves) on the screen, of course Superman made a great comeback. Pepper has promised us a surprise co MC.

We already have some members making their reservations, as all seat assignments are based on when you order your tickets. I hope you will not wait till the last few weeks, make life a little easier for us. I will be finalizing the hotel arrangements the first week in November and at that time we will know our seating capacity. Keep checking the web site for constant updates and notices. we plan to make the 42nd the best yet.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

RIP: Medic Don Lortie

The CAC has just learned that Donald Lortie tagteam partner of "THE MASKED MEDICS",Tony Gonzales passed away August 5th. The CAC sends it's condolences to the family of Don Lortie

RIP: Karl Von Stroheim

Karl Von Stroheim passed away August 13th from complications of a heart attack. Von Stroheim promoted shows for the IWWA based out of Tampa Florida in the eraly eights. And had wrestled for years before the promoting of the IWWA. The CAC sends their thoughts and prayers to the Von Stroheim family.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Where are they now?

"THE EQUALIZER" Ric Drasin has done it all. From selling cereal to being "Demi-Hulk" to being a world wrestling champion. In the newest addition to the CAC websites, Down Memory Lane, we hooked up with Ric and found out what the EQUALIZER is up to these days. For more about this visit

Saturday, August 12, 2006

New addition to Down Memory Lane

The CAC website staff is proud to announce the addition of CAC member Bill Kociaba to the website. Bill has been very helpful at the reunions assisting with the wrestling seminars and any other assistance he could give. Bill will be contributing monthly articles for the site. Bill's section, "BS'n with the boys" is located in the Down Memory lane section. So be sure and checkout Bills first installment and find out what JJ Dillion's first on camera roll was!
Click here to go to the Down Memory Lane section.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pat Patterson upgraded to stable condition

WWE is reporting good news on Pat Patterson!
WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson is recovering very well and hs condition has changed from critical to stable. This update comes just days after Patterson underwent four-hour surgery to remove a cyst from his main artery.

“I just got news that they are going to move [Patterson] to his own room; he’s doing that great,” said Patterson's close friend, WWE Superstar Sylvan. "He’s not going to be in intensive care any more and he’ll be allowed to have more visitors.

To read the updated news visit WWE at

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In the mood to travel?

From Toronto to Denver to Illinois..... The upcoming events section has been updated with lots of exciting events taking place in September. To visit the upcoming events section click here

Blake Spivey (Bobby Simmons grandson) update

Last Friday the 4th of August was day 7 after the stemcell transplant and the first day of checking his white count. The doctors were expecting a minus number or 0.0 count. Praise the Lord is was 0.1. May not seem like much but it is progress in the right direction. Sunday it was 0.2 and last night it was 0.1again. They tell us fluctuations in the count are normal. Thanks to everyone who has said a prayer. Please remember my daughter and son in law and of course Blake, they are still not out of the woods and Lisa and Blake will be in Minnesota for about three more months minimum.
God Bless,
Bobby Simmons

Monday, August 07, 2006

6 new CAC lifetime members!

The following members have became lifetime members of the CAC:
Bob Leonard (won a life time membership at the '06 reunion)
Dave Marquez
Nick Cages
Brian Westcott
Jeff Leen
Ted Gordienko

To veiw the complete list of lifetime members click here

Down Memory lane update

We have updated page 6 with a page full of the lovely ladies of Professional wrestling. They will be more added in a few days. Be sure and take a look at page 5! Just added Porkchop Cash, Bill Anderson just to name a few.

Big Surprise

This last Saturday August 5th, I was assigned to be the Missouri State Athletic inspector for a ECW show in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I had only been to one ECW show a few years ago, it was actually the next to last before their closing, in the same city. At that show, I was confirmed a non ECW fan, on a scale of 1 to 10 it would have been stretching to get a 3, there was 20% wrestling and 80% yelling and smashing tables and chairs, for a old school wrestler and promoter, it was bad. This time i was all geared up for more of the same, but what a big and pleasant surprise.

The show was a 10 from the opening bell to the last match. The production was outstanding and the talent all gave 110%. The 1800 plus fans had a great time and the building asked them back in January. Each one of the wrestlers I spent some time with were pleasant and courteous to me. Maybe it's my age but it took me back 40 years when the wrestlers showed class and professionalism. There was no "I'm a Star" attitude, or anti athletic commissions feelings. The Big Show, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Steve Kearns, Dean Malenko, all asked for the CAC newsletters that I had with me and indicated they would be joining the CAC. All showed a strong feeling for the club and sent their best wishes to our board and members. Their director of the live events, a young man named Lou D'Angeli is a professional business man. we cleared the box office and all the legal items in 15 minutes, a record for a good gate. generally you can count on 45 minutes to a hour.

What impressed me most was everyone of the workers showed some solid wrestling skills, there was 75% wrestling moves and exchanging of holds, sure they did some signature moves and ECW stuff, but it was done in a way that fit the moment, not just off the wall, what do I do next. The RVD and Kurt Angle match was great, they went about 30 minutes and Kurt won by submission, again something you do not see too often by a major star at a house show. To sum up the night, i enjoyed the entire show, and if this is what is coming up, it for me anyway is a huge improvement for wrestling.

In closing, you have heard that the CAC's good friend and Board member Pat Patterson is recovering from a serious heart surgery, and is listed in stable but critical as today. i hope you will all take a few minutes to say a prayer for Pat and keep checking both the WWE web site and ours for updates as we receive them.

Pat Patterson in critical but stable condition

CAC board member Pat Patterson has under went emergency Heart surgery Sunday night to remove a cyst from the main artery of his heart. Pat has been a long time member of the club. The CAC sends prayers and thoughts out to Pat and his family for a speedy recovery and hope we have better news to report in the next post concerning Pat. For more info you can read the article at wwe by clicking here

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A new month brings changes to the CAC website

Summer's nearing an end and now most all of our directors have had a chance to post their thoughts, stories and remembrances in our Board Briefs section. Al Friend has been submitting articles on a weekly bases.

I'm sure you'll all agree that the website has seen vast improvements over the past 6 months. Now it's time to change things up again. Not big changes, but just minor differences.

Starting immediately, our Board Briefs will be scaled back to every other week. Now that all of the board members who want to contribute have had an opportunity, we want to give all of the board members an opportunity to take some extra time on their articles. Al Friend's articles will also go from being weekly to being every other week.

Stepping into the alternating weeks when Al Friend is off will be Bill Kociaba, a long-time fan and member of CAC, to write some articles on his days as a wrestling fan. We hope you'll enjoy the new articles and new writer and look forward to the coming months of updates!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

RIP: Barbara Huizar wife of Eddie Sullivan

Barbara Huizar, wife of the late Eddie Sullivan, died August 1st, 2006, at the age of 56 from complications with diabetes. Barbara had attended the CAC Las Vegas reunions, the Seattle wresting reunions. the Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion, the Fabulous Moolah's LIWA reunions, and was a CAC member. She lived in Phoenix, Arizona, but will be buried in South Dakota next to her husband Eddie Sullivan.