Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pro Wrestling NOAH confirmed for reunion!

The largest promotion (and only promotion to use American workers on a full-time basis) in Tokyo, Japan has made reservations for the 2007 reunion.

Pro Wrestling NOAH has reserved their seats for the 2007 CAC Reunion. At this time the owner of NOAH, Ryu Nakata, Ken Hirayama, Koji Kakizaki and Takeshi Morishima have all been confirmed for the reunion. The CAC is working on NOAH being a part of the Seminars that will take place at the reunion. As more information becomes available we will post it here.

This, along with many more exciting plans, will make this years reunion one you would not want to miss!

Friday, January 19, 2007

RIP: Scott "BAM BAM" Bigelow

Kevin Doll, the Public Information Director for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Bigelow was found dead early Friday morning in his home in Hudson, Fla.

Bigelow, 45, worked for WWE, ECW and WCW extensively throughout his 20-year sports-entertainment career. A former ECW Champion, ECW Television Champion and WCW Tag Team Champion, he is perhaps best known for his rivalry with Lawrence Taylor that culminated in the main event of WrestleMania XI in 1995. In a previous Wrestlemania, Bigelow was managed by CAC Honoree Sir Oliver Humperdink.

Bigelow was found Friday morning in his home in Florida by his girlfriend around 10 A.M.

The CAC send our condolences to the friends and family of Scott "BAM BAM" Bigelow.

Monday, January 15, 2007

This coming news letter...Will you receive it?

IF YOU'VE MOVED...Please let The Ear know your new address. The post office will not forward non-profit organization mail and the next Ear is going to be mailed to all CAC members February 5th, 2007. Members will only receive their newsletter if we have your correct address. Please contact Dean Silverstone to update your mailing information at

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This cost the organization extra money and time for the newsletter. Please help out the club by supplying your correct mailing address. By supplying the club with your correct mailing address, the money saved, could help someone in desperate need.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Cauliflower Alley Club is proud to announce the return of the Training Sessions to this year’s annual Banquet weekend. Every year, with the help of CAC members Harley Race, Les Thatcher and many of the gracious legends in attendance, young trainees and Indy wrestlers of today have been able to learn some of the advanced fundamentals of pro wrestling during our popular “CAC Training Seminars”.

2007 will be no different but the seminars will be offered in a different format. Instead of the normal in-ring sessions, some of the legends felt it might not be a bad idea to educate the younger guys and gals on what needs to take place outside of a wrestling ring and pass that knowledge on to them. These tools are necessary to achieve success in the world of pro wrestling today. Some of the things that are important for a career in pro wrestling are getting started with good fundamental pro wrestling training. In the regional days of pro wrestling there was plenty of opportunity for a young wrestler to learn while on the job wrestling for a territory 5 or 6 nights a week and a wrestler have 250 matches under their belt to show for their rookie year in pro wrestling. Today, young wrestlers have to depend on only wrestling 2 to 8 times a month in today’s world of Indy wrestling. To get to the 250 match mark a young wrestler might have to wrestle 10 years. This means the training you receive both in and out of the ring are so much more important today than it was in the regional days and the young wrestlers need to place a greater emphasis on the training. The training should not only include basic fundamentals and advanced fundamentals but also include Interview Technique, Wardrobe, Marketing, Bookings, Locker Room Etiquette and “Treating yourself like a Business”.

The CAC would like to thank All Pro Wrestling and the legends for helping organize these very important training sessions. Please spread the word about these sessions to your friends and the legends that plan on attending this year’s banquet weekend. In order to attend, you must be a CAC member and show your banquet ticket. You don’t want to miss these seminars as we feel they could be essential in your advancement in today’s pro wrestling world. Please refer to our website at for more information on these seminars and their guest speakers as the information becomes available. We are very excited about this format and hope to continue these training seminars on an annual basis.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

RIP: Cowboy Lang

Cowboy Lang, midget professional wrestler in the 1960s-1980s, was found dead in Portland, Oregon January 4th, 2007. His age was said to be either 60 or 70.

He worked infrequent spot shows as recently as 1998 and was well liked especially by the office staff of the WWE who would book him whenever possible.

In 1994, he, along with Pat Patterson, Pepper Martin, and H.B. Haggerty had a mini-reunion in Seattle where he captivated all the reunion guests with his amazing stories. Unfortuantely, he fell on hard times the last decade of his life and very little is known about his family or there whereabouts.

The CAC send our condolences to the friends and family of Cowboy Lang.