Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ken Patera

We are proud to announce yet another first timer for the CAC reunion. In 2009, Ken Patera will make his way to Las Vegas to attend the CAC reunion.

Ken Patera was one of the first "strongmen" in professional wrestling following his weightlifting career. He wrestled mainly as a heel for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and American Wrestling Association (AWA) during the 1970s and 1980s. In 1976, he challenged Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Heavyweight Championship. This was a huge draw around the northeastern part of United States and at Madison Square Garden and was one of Sammartino's last challenges before he lost the title to Superstar Billy Graham. When Bob Backlund won the title, Patera unsuccessfully challenged him. At the height of his career (in the early 1980s) he simultaneously held the WWF's Intercontinental Championship, and the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Championship, two of the most important non-world championship titles of that era. He also was one of the most hated heels in wrestling during this time. Patera often used his Swinging Full Nelson to "injure" opponents during matches (most notably Billy White Wolf in August 1977). The Swinging Neckbreaker was a simple full nelson applied with the opponent then swung in a circle so his feet would leave the ground.

Seminars are announced!

After a very successful time with the seminars, The CAC has planned yet another outstanding lineup of personal in the pro-wrestling business to conduct seminars at this years reunion. If you are in the wrestling business and want to further your career, this is a must attend seminar. Below you will find the schedule(s) listed. These seminars will be conduct by world famous names such as, Harley Race, Superstar Billy Graham, Dick Byer, Percival A. Friend, Rip Hawk. just to name a few. And we have others that are asking to volunteer to help the young guns of this business out. Due to popularity of certain wrestlers, we will have "surprise" speakers. Just to add to the excitement of the seminars. If you are truly dedicated to the business, I ask you this, were can you go and get all this knowledge and information, FREE?

This is just one more way the CAC proves there motto, "The Ring of Friendship".

----------WRESTLING SHOW MONDAY NIGHT! ----------

Seminars are as follows:


You're a professional wrestler....look it and act it! (Day 1, Seminar #1 - 10:00 am) Guest speaker(s), Harley Race, Leo Burke

Promote Yourself! (Day 1, Seminar #2 - 11:30 am) Guest speaker(s) Superstar Billy Graham, Dick "Destroyer" Beyer

Can you promo.....effectively? (Day 1, Seminar #3 - 1:30pm) Guest speaker(s), Terry Funk, Ted Dibiase, and a SURPRISE guest

Booking 101 (Day 1, Seminar #4 -:3:00 pm) Guest speaker(s), Nick Bockwinkel, Bob Geigel, Karl Lauer, and a SURPRISE guest


Managing and Being Managed (Day 1, Seminar #1 - 1o:00 am) Guest Speaker(s),Ken Ramey, Percival A. Friend, J J Dillon

Working Hard or Working Smart (Day 1, Seminar #2 - 11:30 am) Guest speaker(s), Bob Roop, Tom Drake

It's not what you make, it's what you keep (Day 2, Seminar #3 - 1:30 pm) Guest Speaker, Magic Schwarz, Bruce Swayze and Nick Bockwinkel

Life after wrestling -- career planning and choices (Day 2, Seminar #4 - 3:00 pm) Guest speaker, Rip Hawk Rock Riddle

Detailed overview of seminar content:

You're a professional wrestler….look it and act it!


your body

your ring attire

your work

your attitude

your image: why would anyone pay to see someone who looks "just ordinary"?

Your Professional Conduct:

in business dealings
in the dressing room
in the ring
in public

Promote Yourself!

What have you got to market? Take careful, honest stock of your skills and abilities
Your package: written materials, publicity photos, VHS/DVD video, business card
Your website
Contacting and following up with promoters
Nobody works for nothing – why should you?
Negotiating fees, transportation, accommodation
Gimmick sales at events
Return bookings
Non-wrestling appearances – fanfests, conventions, Hall of Fames, reunions, etc.

Booking 101

It isn't about who goes over, or who gets to shine -- it's about putting butts in seats!
You're the booker – now what do you do?
The promoter-booker relationship
The good booker always keeps the big picture in focus, short-range and long-range
You're the wrestler -- know the role of the booker, and how to deal with him
Know your role as a wrestler, manager, or referee
Got suggestions? How to present them to the booker

Can you promo….effectively?

Interview and promo techniques, face and heel
TV versus in-ring promos
Tailor your promo to the situation
Keep focused, keep on topic
Less is more: design your words and delivery for maximum impact
Anybody can scream, yell and threaten: does anybody listen?
The most riveting promo is often intense and quiet
Body language

Working Hard or Working Smart

Lessen your wear and tear, lengthen your career, leave it with a working body.
Face or heel? What you want, what the promoter wants
Working snug vs working stiff - North American vs Japanese style
You're hurt, your opponent's hurt: how to handle it in a match
Potatoes and receipts
The ropes or the ring break: take advantage of it

Managing and being managed:

What does a good manager do? What does he not do?
Developing your manager character
Know your role: you're there to add to your boy's performance, not distract from it
Make your moves count: continual interference distracts, and a major interfere loses impact
Being managed: what's different for the worker

It's not what you make, it's what you keep

You are a business, set yourself up as a business
Control your expenses: training costs, ongoing gym costs, self-promotion costs, communications, working gear, car and air travel, accommodations
Document every expense, maintain careful records, and maximize your tax deductions
Keep your interim tax payments up to date, and avoid year-end surprises

Life after wrestling - career planning and choices:

Take honest stock of your life skills and capabilities – early in your wrestling career
Education: before or after your wrestling career?
What's your savings target while you're wrestling
What are you going to do after your wrestling career is over?

From wrestlers, to promoters, to referees, to bookers, no where, ever, have you had this opportunity to learn so much! And might I add, FREE!

Due to airport delays, health issues, filming projects, contractual obligations,
*card subject to change