Friday, April 14, 2006

Major Web Site Changes

The fact that your reading this, lets me know your on our web site, I hope you have explored some of the new items and found it easier to find things. If it is nostalgia related go to our most popular section, DOWN MEMORY LANE. there you will find a new weekly story by Percival A Friend, great news item, Also brand new from the Board Room, each week a member of the CAC Board will give you a little history on them self and some pretty good stories and insight.

You will notice that we have also removed some of the LINKS, some were just outdated and not working, others were from non Members, wrestlers or sales groups that did not see fit to join the club or keep up their dues, but still wanted to be promoted as members. The dues are only $25.00 a year and does so much good for those who may need a little help. We feel if you can't at least support the club, then it is misleading to make viewers think you do.

Now for ALL MEMBERS who are in good standing, if you HAVE A WEB SITE we will be glad to link you to ours, we have a lot of hits each day and want to link all members to us, and hope you will link us also. Send your request to be linked to our e mail, once we verify your a member our web master will link you with in a few days.

In closing there is also a section on our SCHOLARSHIP FUND and how to nominate a worthy young person to receive some financial help for college. We are a service club dedicated to preserving the RING OF FRIENDSHIP and can only continue with the help of our members. 100% of all funds marked for the benevolent fund or scholarship fund are used for that purpose ONLY.

Hope your booked for Las Vegas in 7 weeks, going to be another great week end.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Website update

If you're reading this, you're probably at least a semi-regular visitor to the CAC website and have noticed some changes in the past few days. You've probably noticed the new "From the Boardroom" link from the homepage that brought you here as well as a couple of other minor changes in formatting of the homepage and some new additions on the way. Webmaster and CAC Board Member, Morgan Dollar, has been dutifully maintaining the webpage for the past year and has done a great job with it, but has been looking for somebody to help him out with some ideas for new features. Over the past few weeks, Morgan's "tag team partner" in the CACF Yahoo! Group, Wes Daniel, found some spare time on his hands and decided to jump in and dedicate some time to coming up with new features and content. I'm told that Wes and Morgan already have a schedule together covering website updates through JULY! With an incredible 41st annual reunion coming up just 2 short months away and planned weekly updates from the Board of Directors between now and then, these next two months will be exciting for all members of "The Ring of Friendship!" Speaking of the reunion, if you don't have your banquet ticket yet, you'll want to hurry up and get your reservation in. This will be a year you definitely don't want to miss!

Be well,
Karl K. Lauer