Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Don Leo Jonathan and the big BUMP!

Below is a story as told by, Jack Laskin. Jack has also done stage plays and wrote the stage play "Just one of the Boys" Jack performed the second marriage vows for Tiger and Ineta Conway in Las Vegas for a LIWA convention, super nice guy who will be in Vegas in April, be sure you get to meet him.

What could be more satisfying than working with Don Leo Jonathan? You couldn’t help but have a good match because he always made the baby face look so good..

During a match in Hamilton, I used a move that I had used for the first time with Gene Kiniski, a couple of weeks ago. I leaped up on to his shoulders from behind. The crowd liked it, big response, but there’s nothing exciting I could really do with the move once I’m up there other than to beat on his head, so I tell Kiniski to put his hands under my feet and push up. He does that and I push off from his head which sends me up another three feet in the air and I take a bump from 9-10 feet. Then, I do a kip up and a drop kick. It’s a great high spot.

So in the match with Jonathan, Frank Tunney instructs me to do the same move and go into the finish . However, he tells Jonathan that we are going to do the move and, to back in towards the corner and THEN, push me off so that my head hits the turnbuckle on the way down.

I don’t know this, I haven’t agreed to this, so I do the jump; I’m up there on his shoulders, pummeling his head, the crowd is screaming, we got a lot of heat, and Jonathan is backing up.

“Where you goin’.” I ask him.“Tunney wants you to hit your head on the turnbuckle on the way down.” answers Jonathan.


Which he does and I take the bump, much higher than Kiniski and I feel it.
I then did my kip up and drop kick and we went into the finish. It was great.

Back in the dressing room, Jonathan says to me,“When you took that bump I thought I killed you. When you kipped up and drop kicked me, I WANTED TO KILL YOU!

He was right, I knew he was right. I never used that move again.