Wednesday, June 28, 2006

RIP - Pat Hutchison & RIP - Tiger Khan

Pat Hutchison long-time Memphis enhancement worker, died yesterday. Hutchison usually wrestled under a mask as he worked for the Shelby County Clerks office and did not want to be known.


Tiger Khan (Marlon Kalkai) passed away in California recently. A former main-eventer for the legendary Calgary Stampede Promotion, this veteran was a world traveler, having appeared in Trinidad, England, Wales, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the U.S., and a variety of other stops. With his classic "foreign heel" gimmick, he's faced such legends as Jerry Lawler, King Kong Bundy and Sabu.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Harry Elliott - RIP

Harry Elliott, former long-time Northwest wrestling promoter, passed away June 25, 2006 at the age of 101. He would have celebrated his 102nd birthday August 17. More info in the RIP section of the CAC website.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jack Black portrays CAC member Fray Tormenta in Nacho Libre

CAC member and wrestling historian,Tom Burke lets us all in on the REAL Fray Tormenta. This can be located on the Down Memory lane section of the CAC website or by clicking here .

Friday, June 23, 2006

Crazy Luke Graham - RIP

Friday, June 23rd, 2006. Crazy Luke Graham, The fabulous one himself has passed away late this afternoon in a Macon Georgia Hospital of heart failure not far from his home in Millageville Ga.Visitation is Sunday 6/25/06 at the Williams Funeral Home from 6 to 8 P.M. Eastern time.Services are at Williams Funeral Home on Monday 6/26/06 at 11 A.M. Eastern time.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jack Black portrays CAC member Fray Tormenta in Nacho Libre

A top notch actor in Hollywood is the star in the movie, Nacho Libre which is based
on CAC member, Fray Tormenta, Fr. Sergio Gutierrez. Read more details at SLAM! Wrestling...

Friday, June 16, 2006

2006 Reunion photo section added

We have added a 2006 reunion photo section to the Down Memory Lane section of the website. More photos will be added the week of June 19th. Hope you enjoy.

Results for CAC 2006 Wrestling Show

Tony Morales & Louie Vedosky lost to Golden Aztec & Angelo Impell

Scotty Eycc beat Bobby Houston

Chris Guerrero & Dakota defeated Jake Manning & Dark Angel

Paul Diamond over Virgil Flynn

Jak Manley defeated Funny Bone, Tyler Dunning, & Banzai Bruce

Billy V & Nathan Rulez lost to Scotty Aboot & Zac Reeb

JJ Perez beat Jeff McAllister

Yoshida defeated Cheerleader Melissa, Jessica Shaw, Courtney Schutejann & Hailey Hatred

Derek Sanders & TJ Dalton won over Ty Dalton & Kafu

41st Now History

Needless to say this was one to remember, as of today I have had 53 e mails and or phone calls praising how much they enjoyed the week end and one complaint about everything. The complainer took issue with my remark "that is how our anthem should be sung" when Karl Raoch sang it Friday night. Even though 439 gave him a standing ovation, I say 439 because we had 440 and he probably did not applaud. He also complained about other items, like the choice of the Future Legend, if you saw her work, or met her afterwards or saw her stats, I think you all would agree she is very deserving. He complained that 2 top wresting stars had a disagreement, but failed to compliment on the fact, that when I asked to meet me in the foyer, the result was what the CAC is founded on,FRIENDSHIP, they both shed a tear, apologized to each other and had a wrestlers hug and spent the rest of the day and the banquet, once again enjoying each others company. If we can erase one hate or grudge during our week end the whole thing has been a success.

The number one compliment was the quality and amount of the food both nights, we have photos of guys with a sandwich that would make Dagwood proud. Sure the hotel had a few problems but i have had problems at the Ritz Carlton, Hiltons and even at the Waldorf in London. In general I think everyone who attended had a good time.

Plans are already under way for next year, back to the Riviera Hotel. The Plaza is under a new ownership and some other problems and were not willing to give a date or commitment at this time. I hope you like the new format of the web site. You will find it being updated faster now and with Morgan Dollar, Kurt Neilsen, Jason Deadrich and myself posting, we should be able to keep you well informed.

I want to also thank Greg Oliver and his Slam site for all their help. Our ability to link the RIP sections and his fantastic coverage of the news, gives us a really updated site. If you were there you know the program he did was fantastic. Will become a true collectors items. Our honorees this year were great in their speeches and even though Mil Mascaras and The Destroyer were ready double slam me on stage, they took pity on this old body and set me down gentle. It is true I have known Mil for over 30 years and never seen his face. A true legend and one of the best over from Mexico.

Watch for your next newsletter and keep checking the site for updated information on next year. we will be back in April, much cooler in Vegas. A lot of things are happening in the CAC. As usual if have any questions or comments, I answer all e mails
Be Well
Karl K.Lauer
Executive Vice President

Snapshots from Vegas - part four

Once again, Reggie Parks & Dave Millican donated a gorgeous belt for us to raffle off. These belts have become unique collectors items. (To see their web site, click HERE.)

Several people donated materials to be raffled or acuctioned off. Their kindness allows us to raise a great deal of funds for the CAC, and we sincerely appreciate all they have done.

The Baloney Blowout was fun and informal, as always. It's a time for old
friends to spend time with one another, grab a bite to eat, and just let their hair down.

(pictured) 2006 honoree Pepper Martin, one of wrestling's great storytellers, sure knew how to entertain the crowd with his vivid tales of wrestling in the 50s and 60s. If you have never met Pepper, you don't know what you are missing. He is one of the true treasures of the entertainment business.

Past honoree Frey Tormenta, who's amazing life story is being told in the new Jack Black film Nacho Libre, was there with his family. Although the film is only loosely based on Tormenta, it's still an amazing thing. We are very proud to have him as a part of the CAC, and look forward to seeing he and his family each year.

JJ Dillon, of Four Horseman fame, signed copies of his new book (one of the best ever written on wrestling, incidentally), then later co-hosted the banquet on Saturday night. He was definitely a busy man! Ross Hart represented his legendary family with dignity and charm, as always. Hart may be soft-spoken, but he carries the same authority made famous by his father, the late Stu Hart.

Amongst the famous names: Tiger Conway Jr. and Sr. , Bob Geigel, Rock Riddle, Buddy Wolff, Al Friend, Ox Baker, Oliver Humperdink and Gary Hart. Many more were there, telling lies, road tales and jokes, and sharing in the joy of being together again.

There was a nice mix of fans, too, coming from all over the globe. The wrestlers were genuinely pleased to spend time with such respectful, educated people.

*Photos courtesy of John Arthur Lowe*

Snapshots from Vegas - part three

A big part of the festivities is the book sale/memorabilia fair. People come from all over to sell the latest wrestling merchandise, plus a wide range of collectables.

Paul "The Butcher" Vachon is a regular at the sale. This year he brought his second book, which we hear is excellent, covering his early years in the business. Butcher also sold photos and tee shirts, with his famed brother Mad Dog Vachon making several appearances at the table throughout the event.

Harley Race spent time with old friends, like long-time partner Larry Hennig. But he also sold copies of his biography, as well as two fantastic action figures of him currently produced by the WWE Classic Superstars line.

Charlie Smith sold the CAC tee shirts featuring the new logo. Hollywood Book & Poster brought materials that focused heavily on wrestling from The Olympic, and two of the famous names from that area sold books there: Gene LeBell and Jeff Walton (also known as manager Tux Newman). Gene was selling the only version of his biography you should buy -- if you get the other version, you're in BIG trouble! Jeff's book on Southern California wrestling is very good, and definitely worth getting.

The ever-popular Jimmy Valiant came with a big stack of his new book, which sold out in no time flat. It's always wonderful to have Jimmy and his lovely wife there, but his stays are always brief so he can run his wrestling school on the weekend.

The colorful and infamous Don Fargo, who was at the event for the second time, sold photos from his multi-decade, multi personailty career. Last year's honorees Paul Christy & Bunny Love sold pictures as well as Paul's book about his very interesting career. (Christy & Love got married during the event, in a private ceremony, after being together for nearly three decades. Congratulations!)

Ox Baker, Greg Oliver, Scott Teal, Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer, Highspots and many, many others participated in this event, which was a rousing success. (Forgive me if I missed any names. We certainly appreciated participation by all.)

*Photos courtesy of John Arthur Lowe*

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Snapshots from Vegas - part two

Les Thatcher of EPWT, the top wrestling training school in the country, discussed several fine points of learning the business with the young trainees. With him was "The Brown Bomber" Robert Thompson from California's APW, who offered hands-on training during the entire event. Thompson has a style and work ethic that is very much old-school, and he blended with Thatcher's style perfectly.

Here's what it all boils down to: wrestling. Offering their capable assistance this year was "Cowboy" Scott Casey, who is Thatcher's partner in the training seminar, veterans Duke Myers, Manny Fernandez, Ross Hart and several others. This made the event more complete, and offered tremendous perspective on how to grow as a performer.

*Photos courtesy of John Arthur Lowe*

Snapshots from Vegas - part one

(PICTURED: CAC board of directors members Nick Bockwinkel & Scott Teal joke around at the start of the event.)

This year had a much more easy-going feel, maybe due to the heat (which got up to around 110-degrees on certain days). We normally mert in April, but this year, due to scheduling conflicts, we had to settle for June. Fortunately, with the roof over Fremont Street, it was comfortable to stroll downtown.

Several new faces showed up this year. CAC president Red Bastien chatted with Dewey Robertson, AKA The Missing Link, who was there to promote his new book. Ron Miller, the Australian promoter and grappler, was there with a film crew to discuss the wrestling business in Australia and New Zealand with the numerous workers who performed in those countries during the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

*Photos courtesy of John Arthur Lowe*

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mariko Yoshida wins CAC 2006 Future Legend Award

Congratulations to Mariko Yoshida for being the 2nd female in CAC history to win the Future Legend Award last week in Las Vegas!

"The Future Legend Award was given to Mariko Yoshida of Japan. At 36 years of age, she's been involved with pro wrestling for 18 years, including a run as CMLL World champion in Mexico and running her own promotion in Japan. Yoshida was very emotional on stage; she started to say thank you in her native Japanese, but broke down crying. Consoled by award presenters Roland Alexander and "Cheerleader" Melissa Anderson (2004 Future Legend), Yoshida gathered her wits about her for a heart-felt "unbelievable" before sitting down." Read the complete story at SLAM! Wrestling

Monday, June 12, 2006

RIP - Two Fine Wrestlers

As we were away in Las Vegas, the wrestling world lost John Tenta, who rose to fame with his run in the WWF as Earthquake, and Calvin "Prince" Pullins, who was a big name in the Midwest for many years. At the reunion many of us recalled fond memories of these two.

The CAC sends their sympathy to their friends and family. They will be missed.

Getting Back from Vegas

Well, some of us are still getting home... and others are still at the Plaza working the slots! As soon as the dust clears we'll give you a nice overview of the event.

Here's a nice write-up by Greg Oliver of Slam! Wrestling:
CAC 2006 Review