Saturday, March 10, 2007

Did you know?

Oh, if only the walls could talk.....

Opening on April 20,1955, the Riviera Hotel and Casino was the darling of the Las Vegas Strip. More than 50 years later, the rich tradition contniiues and it seems everyone has a favorite story or fact about the hotel and it's history.

For instance, did you know:

The Riviera was the first high-rise casino on the strip at a whopping nine stories?

Barbra Streisand was the "added special attraction" and opening act for Liberace in 1963?

Dean Martin once owned 10 percent of the hotel?
The year.....1969

Frank Gorshin starred in "SPLASH" when the production opened in 1985?

The Riviera hosted the Larry Holmes - Leon Spinks heavyweight title fight in 1985?
Spinks upset Holmes to deny the former champion his 49th consecutive win in his bid to tie Rock Marciano's all time record.

And in 2007 The Cauliflower Alley club returns to the Riviera for yet another Reunion!

If you havent made your reservations yet DO SO ASAP! The discount room rates expires in less than 4 days!