Saturday, March 31, 2007


In recent months I have received a number of letters that are from all across the country; letters from people who grew up watching professional wrestling. These are people who you will not necessarily meet at the CAC reunion or fan conventions. The letters tell stories of wrestlers and encounters, to be sure, but they are recollections that remained in their hearts, and represent some of the best times of their youth.

At this year's CAC reunion, I hope to have many of these letters available for easy reading by our members, along with a few photos and memorabilia. One letter arrived that focuses on this year's Iron Mike Mazurki Award recipient, Don Leo Jonathan. It showed up just in time to be included exclusively on this CAC website. If you enjoy this article, seek me out and I'll make sure you see the others.

Jeff Sharkey
Appleton, WI

By Judy Jackwin Ederer

Mr. Sharkey,
Looking through the pictures really takes me back, black and white photos. Nowadays some photographers love the black and whites. I do wish I had dates etc. written on pictures but as so many people we think at the time we are sure to remember all data!I wanted to add mention and thanks to Mr. Don Leo Jonathan. A giant of a man and a great wrestler. He didn't lose too many matches around this part of the country Of couse all the wrestlers that came to Omaha to a match knew that Nick Bockwinkel's fan club would be there cheering for them too unless they were the "bad dude" at that time. Don Leo Jonathan was a favorite with the Omaha fans, no matter what. If you were a real diehard wrestling fan the ultimate experience was waiting around after the matches and hope to get an autograph, talk to the pro's and to get a snapshot was the best. Don Leo was great at staying around for awhile and taking time to talk with fans, sign autographs and always happy to pose for a picture for a fans memory book. I don't know if that even happens for any fans in any entertainment industry today.

Back in the 1960's our fan clubs ride did not show up, guess they got mixed up whose turn it was to get us. Well Mr Jonathan waited with us waiting to see if our ride would come. After a long while Mr. Jonathan said, I am not leaving your group out here so we rode home in style that night. He was a cadillac man if I am remembering correctly so there was plenty of room to chauffeur all of us home. Sure enough he brought us home safe and sound. That was a biggie thrill for us to have a star doing that for us.

Thanks for many great wrestling memories Mr. Don Leo Jonathan.

Sincerely, From the fans of the best era in professional wrestling AKA The Nick Bockwinkel Fan Club of yester years!