Friday, June 16, 2006

Snapshots from Vegas - part three

A big part of the festivities is the book sale/memorabilia fair. People come from all over to sell the latest wrestling merchandise, plus a wide range of collectables.

Paul "The Butcher" Vachon is a regular at the sale. This year he brought his second book, which we hear is excellent, covering his early years in the business. Butcher also sold photos and tee shirts, with his famed brother Mad Dog Vachon making several appearances at the table throughout the event.

Harley Race spent time with old friends, like long-time partner Larry Hennig. But he also sold copies of his biography, as well as two fantastic action figures of him currently produced by the WWE Classic Superstars line.

Charlie Smith sold the CAC tee shirts featuring the new logo. Hollywood Book & Poster brought materials that focused heavily on wrestling from The Olympic, and two of the famous names from that area sold books there: Gene LeBell and Jeff Walton (also known as manager Tux Newman). Gene was selling the only version of his biography you should buy -- if you get the other version, you're in BIG trouble! Jeff's book on Southern California wrestling is very good, and definitely worth getting.

The ever-popular Jimmy Valiant came with a big stack of his new book, which sold out in no time flat. It's always wonderful to have Jimmy and his lovely wife there, but his stays are always brief so he can run his wrestling school on the weekend.

The colorful and infamous Don Fargo, who was at the event for the second time, sold photos from his multi-decade, multi personailty career. Last year's honorees Paul Christy & Bunny Love sold pictures as well as Paul's book about his very interesting career. (Christy & Love got married during the event, in a private ceremony, after being together for nearly three decades. Congratulations!)

Ox Baker, Greg Oliver, Scott Teal, Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer, Highspots and many, many others participated in this event, which was a rousing success. (Forgive me if I missed any names. We certainly appreciated participation by all.)

*Photos courtesy of John Arthur Lowe*