Friday, June 16, 2006

41st Now History

Needless to say this was one to remember, as of today I have had 53 e mails and or phone calls praising how much they enjoyed the week end and one complaint about everything. The complainer took issue with my remark "that is how our anthem should be sung" when Karl Raoch sang it Friday night. Even though 439 gave him a standing ovation, I say 439 because we had 440 and he probably did not applaud. He also complained about other items, like the choice of the Future Legend, if you saw her work, or met her afterwards or saw her stats, I think you all would agree she is very deserving. He complained that 2 top wresting stars had a disagreement, but failed to compliment on the fact, that when I asked to meet me in the foyer, the result was what the CAC is founded on,FRIENDSHIP, they both shed a tear, apologized to each other and had a wrestlers hug and spent the rest of the day and the banquet, once again enjoying each others company. If we can erase one hate or grudge during our week end the whole thing has been a success.

The number one compliment was the quality and amount of the food both nights, we have photos of guys with a sandwich that would make Dagwood proud. Sure the hotel had a few problems but i have had problems at the Ritz Carlton, Hiltons and even at the Waldorf in London. In general I think everyone who attended had a good time.

Plans are already under way for next year, back to the Riviera Hotel. The Plaza is under a new ownership and some other problems and were not willing to give a date or commitment at this time. I hope you like the new format of the web site. You will find it being updated faster now and with Morgan Dollar, Kurt Neilsen, Jason Deadrich and myself posting, we should be able to keep you well informed.

I want to also thank Greg Oliver and his Slam site for all their help. Our ability to link the RIP sections and his fantastic coverage of the news, gives us a really updated site. If you were there you know the program he did was fantastic. Will become a true collectors items. Our honorees this year were great in their speeches and even though Mil Mascaras and The Destroyer were ready double slam me on stage, they took pity on this old body and set me down gentle. It is true I have known Mil for over 30 years and never seen his face. A true legend and one of the best over from Mexico.

Watch for your next newsletter and keep checking the site for updated information on next year. we will be back in April, much cooler in Vegas. A lot of things are happening in the CAC. As usual if have any questions or comments, I answer all e mails
Be Well
Karl K.Lauer
Executive Vice President