Monday, November 27, 2006

Bockwinkel, Woods and Murphy

Will the Western States Championship belt fit around the waist of K.O. Mat Murphy? Find out as Murphy challenges Bockwinkel while Referee Smoky Joe Woods officiates this title match by clicking here .

Sunday, November 26, 2006


For some strange reason, I had posted a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" post Thursday before I went out of town. But it didn't make it to the blog. So with that said HAPPY belated THANKSGIVING to all the members, family and friends of the CAC.

The reunion is getting closer and closer and several items of interest will be appearing on the CAC website and the EAR newsletter. With the last part of the year being filled with several holiday events going on, be sure to get your reservations for the reunion in. And it makes it a little easier for the ones in charge of the tickets and seating, if your reservations are made in advance instead of the last minute. The list of honorees this coming year will be updated with bios and such beginning in Dec.

From what I am hearing, some very special surprise's once again for our "family" reunion in Las Vegas in 07.

There's still some room left for the advertising in the Awards Banquet program. Contact Dean Silverstone if you are interested in placing a ad in the program.

Happy Holidays everyone!

RIP: Willie Pep

Former featherweight champion Willie Pep, whose simple fight philosophy was, "Hit the other guy as often as you can but don't let him hurt you," died Thursday, his grandson said. He was 84.
Pep, who became a champion at age 20, died in a convalescent home in Rocky Hill, eight miles south of Hartford, grandson William P. Papaleo said. Pep had been confined to an Alzheimer unit since 2001. Willie had been a friend of Mike Mazurky, Gene Lebell and Art Abrams; and attended several of our East Coast CAC reunions.

Mike Lano has wrote a indepth article about Willie and you can read more by clicking here

Karl Lauer mentioned this about Willie,
"Willie was a long time member of the club and a former honoree in Boston, he dropped his membership after he became ill, but he was a honoree and very nice man."

The CAC sends condolences to the family, friends and workers of Willie Pep at this time.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

CAC member Sir Oliver Humperdink offers 5 grand!

Thats right! CAC member Sir Oliver Humperdink offers 5 thousand dollars to anybody! Man, Woman or Child! Humperdink say's, Come on down! To learn more about this 5 thousand dollar challenge click here.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Have you moved?

Several of the CAC newsletters are being returned to the club due to members moving and not letting the club know the new mailing address. The newsletters are mailed "bulk" mail and the post office will not forward the newsletters to a new address due to the bulk mail, mailing rules.

The club is having to pay double postage for the returned newsletters. So, with that said, If you have moved and have a new mailing address or know of someone that has moved please contact the CAC with the new mailing address.

The CAC appreciates your help in this matter.

Friday, November 17, 2006


There is still time to reserve space to place your announcement in the April, 2007 Las Vegas banquet program; however, the back cover and both inside front and inside back cover pages have been sold. Complete details can be found here on this site or in the current issue of The Ear which is currently making its way across the country via non-profit bulk mail.

Traveling with a Tiger....

Billy "Red" Lyons and I had many trips from Houston to Fort Worth, to Dallas to San Antonio, to Corpus and back to Houston on Friday then over to Beaumont on Sat. There wasn't a better person to travel with. He was a Class Act!! Tiger, we are going to miss you!
Fellows, we lost a great guy and a great friend of wrestling.
Dick Beyer and Billy Lyons

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Before Tiger Woods, there was Tiger Conway

To those of us who really knew Tiger on a personnel basis, know he loved to help others, on numerous occasions at a LIWA or CAC reunion, he picked up the tab for the guys he knew could use the help, he bought memberships for a lot of young workers and always cared about the business. Before Tiger Woods there was Tiger Conway, a one of a kind gentle man, with a big heart. he only missed one CAC reunion in the last 20 plus years, he will be missed. And I will miss his regular phone calls just to talk about the CAC and his friends.

Karl and Barbara Lauer

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CAC member Donn Lewin

CAC member Donn Lewin reviews Clint Eastwood's, "Flags of Our Fathers".

‘A Hell of a Job’
A Hawaii vet who took part in the Iwo Jima battle praises the film for its realism....

There was some question at the time whether the battle for Iwo Jima needed to be fought at all. But in the lull between the battle of Leyte Gulf and the planned invasion of Okinawa, the Army Air Force's B-29 bombers were operating at the extreme edge of their flight envelope, without fighter cover. A mid-ocean airfield was the answer and Iwo Jima fit the bill. The Navy and the Marines were sent to capture the island for the Army. The assault was expected to be vicious but short.It instead became a horrifically drawn-out slugfest: nearly 20,000 Japanese troops killed, only a few hundred captured. The Allies had 26,000 casualties, with more than 6,000 killed. It was the only time the Marines suffered more casualties than the Japanese.Twenty-seven Medals of Honor were awarded to Marines for the invasion of Iwo Jima, the most ever given in a single battle. The rest of the Marines never forgot the experience.

Pro wrestling legend Donn Lewin, one of the few Iwo vets living in the islands, saw Clint Eastwood's "Flags of Our Fathers" last week at a viewing hosted by the Pacific War Memorial. A feisty old guy -- a professional wrestler in his postwar career -- he began the movie by chattering, but within a few minutes of the combat scenes, he quieted, eventually making a single shout-out. "Pull the damn trigger!" he yelled at one harrowing moment."I went expecting to see a Hollywood movie, but it was so real, it was like I was there," he said afterward. "They did a hell of a job, one hell of a job."Private Donn Lewin, 18 years old, L Company, 3rd Division, 9th Marines, went ashore with the fourth wave, which was delayed until dawn, the second day of the landing. The Japanese defenders had allowed the initial waves to pool ashore before opening up on them with hidden artillery. The result was chaos and slaughter as the Marines hung on to a fragile toehold in the black sand. Within a few hours, only Lewin and one other from his squad were still uninjured."The movie likes to show people having nightmares about their combat experiences, but I've never had one, not one," he said. "But that doesn't mean I don't remember every detail. And I think every day about the boys we lost."

Lewin also praised the film's dramatic construction, although he isn't sympathetic to Adam Beach's (possibly Oscar-nominated) portrayal of Ira Hayes. "Look, I'm sure he had problems. Not because of his experience or because he was an Indian, but because he was a ... drunk. Never saw but one of my guys become a crybaby. Threw down his rifle and ran away screaming he wanted to go home. Had to chase him down and pound some sense into his head. Crybaby!"Eastwood has filmed a companion film, "Letters From Iwo Jima," showing the Japanese point of view, and Lewin wonders "how cleaned-up it will be.""We didn't see many live Japanese," he said. "They were underground. Every once in a while, they'd pull one of their idiotic banzai charges and the next morning there would be nothing but dead Japanese as far as you could see. They wouldn't surrender. Sometimes I think the human race is out to destroy itself."Iwo Jima, in the North Pacific, was cold at night and warm during the day, said Lewin, and the movie accurately shows that. "I think old Clint looked at all the footage of the battle and did his best to reflect that. I think some of it was real newsreel footage, but I'm not sure.

"What he got dead right was the behavior of the Marines. I guarantee you Eastwood had a brass Marine or two there to make sure they did it right. The battles were -- it was like I was there again. My god. Not Hollywood at all."

Marines today are no different than those who stormed Suribachi, said Lewin, who was wounded three times in a half-dozen Pacific campaigns. "It's a different mindset. We know there's a battle going on and our buddies are in it, we want to be there. That's why you see our guys going back to Iraq, back to Afghanistan. Wish I could go, too. There are no ex-Marines, only Marines."

"It came from Memphis"

"Sputnik Monroe used his rock-'em-sock-'em star status to muscle the way for desegregated seating in pre-Civil Rights Memphis" For a really good read on the late Sputnik Monroe
click here

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

RIP: Tiger Conway Sr.

CAC life member,Tiger Conway Sr. passed away at St Josephs hospital in Houston TX. last night around 7pm from complications of a stroke and brain aneurysm suffered a few days ago. Tiger was a dedicated CAC member and was always there for the workers, fans & friends. We will have more added to the site about Tiger Sr. Shortly.

The Cauliflower Alley Club sends condolences to the family and many friends and workers of Tiger Conway Sr. at this time.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank you ALL!

Thanks to all the CAC members, the little guy you helped out with your prayers and dollars is coming home. Several CAC members knows the health problems with little Blake Simmons. Well Bobby Simmons has sent us some GREAT NEWS! Here's what Bobby has to say:

Thank you all for your prayers for Blake. His day 100 tests came back with super results, No signs of cancer, no signs of leukemia, and no Philadelphia Chromosome. He will be home by 4:00 today, not just in Columbus, but in his own room by 4:00. WOW!!!!!! The next year is still very much critical as his immune system has to be rebuilt.
Love you all,
God Bless - Bobby

Our buddy, Blake, is not totally out of the woods yet. So please keep the entire Simmons family in your thoughts and prayers. And any monetary relief would still be helpful.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Home from Vegas

I just returned from Las Vegas after one long 5 day work week for the SEMA and APEX auto show, 5300 plus vender's and 243,000 buyers and I was one of them. This is the largest automotive show in the world. I was able to meet with the new management of the Riviera Hotel and I think all who make it there in April will be surprised and happy with some of the changes.

We will have a huge area for the nostalgia fair, hospitality area and banquet. we will be on the main floor in the convention area. The Friday night Tribute to the Canadians will be in the main ballroom as will Saturday awards night. The price will still be only $10.00 for Friday blowout, but the food will be extra nice. The cost for it is $21.50 per person, the difference is being covered by a club benefactor, who does not want to be named. If you remember 2 years ago, it will be the same, everyone said it was the best blow out ever.

Saturday will be the prime rib with all the trimmings and there will be Vegetarian plate for those who request it. With Westward Ho gone and demolished and while I was there the famous Stardust Hotel was closed and demolishin started. In their place will be a 5000 room hotel and Casino costing more then you can imagine. Hotel rooms in Vegas have really gone up in price and in all the cities we have looked into
so the rate we have locked in is a very good rate for the strip.

I hope you will not wait to long to book your room and reservations for the banquet, Hopefully you will do it in early January. The cut off date for the Riviera is March 15th to get the rates and be in the Monte Carlo towers.

Look for your new EAR, most have received this week but it is in the mail with all the details.

Friday, November 03, 2006

RIP: Sputnik Monroe

Karl Lauer has received and confirmed that Sputnik Monroe passed away around 2 am this morning. We will have more details shortly.

The Cauliflower Alley Club sends condolences to the family and many friends of Sputnik at this time.