Monday, November 06, 2006

Home from Vegas

I just returned from Las Vegas after one long 5 day work week for the SEMA and APEX auto show, 5300 plus vender's and 243,000 buyers and I was one of them. This is the largest automotive show in the world. I was able to meet with the new management of the Riviera Hotel and I think all who make it there in April will be surprised and happy with some of the changes.

We will have a huge area for the nostalgia fair, hospitality area and banquet. we will be on the main floor in the convention area. The Friday night Tribute to the Canadians will be in the main ballroom as will Saturday awards night. The price will still be only $10.00 for Friday blowout, but the food will be extra nice. The cost for it is $21.50 per person, the difference is being covered by a club benefactor, who does not want to be named. If you remember 2 years ago, it will be the same, everyone said it was the best blow out ever.

Saturday will be the prime rib with all the trimmings and there will be Vegetarian plate for those who request it. With Westward Ho gone and demolished and while I was there the famous Stardust Hotel was closed and demolishin started. In their place will be a 5000 room hotel and Casino costing more then you can imagine. Hotel rooms in Vegas have really gone up in price and in all the cities we have looked into
so the rate we have locked in is a very good rate for the strip.

I hope you will not wait to long to book your room and reservations for the banquet, Hopefully you will do it in early January. The cut off date for the Riviera is March 15th to get the rates and be in the Monte Carlo towers.

Look for your new EAR, most have received this week but it is in the mail with all the details.