Sunday, November 26, 2006

RIP: Willie Pep

Former featherweight champion Willie Pep, whose simple fight philosophy was, "Hit the other guy as often as you can but don't let him hurt you," died Thursday, his grandson said. He was 84.
Pep, who became a champion at age 20, died in a convalescent home in Rocky Hill, eight miles south of Hartford, grandson William P. Papaleo said. Pep had been confined to an Alzheimer unit since 2001. Willie had been a friend of Mike Mazurky, Gene Lebell and Art Abrams; and attended several of our East Coast CAC reunions.

Mike Lano has wrote a indepth article about Willie and you can read more by clicking here

Karl Lauer mentioned this about Willie,
"Willie was a long time member of the club and a former honoree in Boston, he dropped his membership after he became ill, but he was a honoree and very nice man."

The CAC sends condolences to the family, friends and workers of Willie Pep at this time.