Monday, August 07, 2006

Big Surprise

This last Saturday August 5th, I was assigned to be the Missouri State Athletic inspector for a ECW show in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. I had only been to one ECW show a few years ago, it was actually the next to last before their closing, in the same city. At that show, I was confirmed a non ECW fan, on a scale of 1 to 10 it would have been stretching to get a 3, there was 20% wrestling and 80% yelling and smashing tables and chairs, for a old school wrestler and promoter, it was bad. This time i was all geared up for more of the same, but what a big and pleasant surprise.

The show was a 10 from the opening bell to the last match. The production was outstanding and the talent all gave 110%. The 1800 plus fans had a great time and the building asked them back in January. Each one of the wrestlers I spent some time with were pleasant and courteous to me. Maybe it's my age but it took me back 40 years when the wrestlers showed class and professionalism. There was no "I'm a Star" attitude, or anti athletic commissions feelings. The Big Show, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Steve Kearns, Dean Malenko, all asked for the CAC newsletters that I had with me and indicated they would be joining the CAC. All showed a strong feeling for the club and sent their best wishes to our board and members. Their director of the live events, a young man named Lou D'Angeli is a professional business man. we cleared the box office and all the legal items in 15 minutes, a record for a good gate. generally you can count on 45 minutes to a hour.

What impressed me most was everyone of the workers showed some solid wrestling skills, there was 75% wrestling moves and exchanging of holds, sure they did some signature moves and ECW stuff, but it was done in a way that fit the moment, not just off the wall, what do I do next. The RVD and Kurt Angle match was great, they went about 30 minutes and Kurt won by submission, again something you do not see too often by a major star at a house show. To sum up the night, i enjoyed the entire show, and if this is what is coming up, it for me anyway is a huge improvement for wrestling.

In closing, you have heard that the CAC's good friend and Board member Pat Patterson is recovering from a serious heart surgery, and is listed in stable but critical as today. i hope you will all take a few minutes to say a prayer for Pat and keep checking both the WWE web site and ours for updates as we receive them.