Friday, August 18, 2006

Good news from the office

Always nice to be able to report the good news to our members and friends. Just talked to Nick Bockwinkel and he reports that Pat Patterson is home and well on the mend. Needless to say he had a ton of mail, e-mail and cards and letters waiting. Via Nick he sends his thanks to his friends for their concern and prayers.

By now you will have the newsletter in hand and can start making plans to attend us once more in Las Vegas, this time a much cooler time of the year in April and were back at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, the dates April 19th to the 21st, Check out the reunion section here on the web site for details as they are finalized. Friday night blowout, will be taking a new image and will be tribute night for all our Canadian members and a special tribute to the Hart Family and Owen Hart. Plus there will be a special presentation for the 10 count now on Friday night.

The ugliest man on the screen, our own Scott Schwartz who wrestled for 20 years before becoming a major character actor in the movies, has taken on the role of the CAC Hollywood connection. This was a role that Mike Mazurki our club founder use to love, he would always have a table full of movie stars show up for the banquet, and they came to SEE the wrestlers, he use to say this a little frosting on the cake. we had James Cagney, Richard Eagan, Stella Stevens, Cesar Romero, Joe Don Baker, John Saxton, Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, and the list goes on and on, Scott has worked with the biggest names in Hollywood and his featured role in Oceans 12 with George Clooney has made him a very famous face. So we have no idea who he will get to join the club or who will show up, but it should be a segment that we all can enjoy and meet some nice people also.

Our MC for the banquet will be Pepper Martin who has done it all in the wrestling business, over 20 years in the ring, a top booker, TV Commentator, and movie star, the only man ever to defeat Superman (Christopher Reeves) on the screen, of course Superman made a great comeback. Pepper has promised us a surprise co MC.

We already have some members making their reservations, as all seat assignments are based on when you order your tickets. I hope you will not wait till the last few weeks, make life a little easier for us. I will be finalizing the hotel arrangements the first week in November and at that time we will know our seating capacity. Keep checking the web site for constant updates and notices. we plan to make the 42nd the best yet.