Monday, November 15, 2004

Red Bastien to under go Hip Surgury

CAC President Red Bastien will fly to Rochester MN to the Mayo clinic where he will have his hip replacememnt of 2 years ago redone. Last week in Los Angeles while visiting Maria Bernardi at the hospital, he heard a loud pop and lost his balance. The hip joint literly broke off at the shaft. The doctors said it was only the 2nd time in 22 years anything like this has happened. Leave it to Red to do the impossible. All kidding aside, he has had a rough go and said "no pain no gain and I will be in Vegas in April for the 40th,it will be our biggest and best ever ' Red has always been a fast healer and we all wish him a speedy recovery. He said they have told him it will be 2 months of intense therapy as the surgury is much more intense to rebuild the whole hip. He plans to be back in Dallas in two weeks so if you want to send him a card, he loves jokes and funny cards the address is P.O.Box 701422 in Dallas TX 75370

Also Maria Bernardi is back in Ceders Hospital in Los Angeles, we also wish her a speedy recovery, her membership number is #3, and she has been with the club it's entire 40 years. She can tell you stories that will make you laugh or make you cry, be sure to ask her when you see her in Vegas.