Thursday, February 16, 2006


With all the excitement of the upcoming reunion, I have been way behind in posting up dated news, and I hope to get much better in the next few months as we approach the 41st annual reunion. If you have not ordered your tickets yet, I can't express the need to do so ASAP to strongly. We are 4 months away and are already 25% sold out. Last year those there saw the largest gathering of professional wrestlers ever to attend a single event. There were 292 wrestlers, with a total attendence of 652.

This year we can seat 670, and that is full fire marshall capicity. There are already several major wrestling starts coming for the first time, To name them all would take forever,and I might forget a name. but we will have once again the most fun filled and exciting week end ever. We had been able to keep the cost at $50.00 for the last 26 years, but this year we had to go up to $75.00, and that is still a small price for all that goes on, plus a prime rib dinner is included. The Cauliflower Alley reunion is not a fan fest with the wrestlers sitting behind tables and selling things,but a reunion where we all spend time just visiting and having a great time reliving the memories. Oh yes we have the nostalgia fair where you can buy a book or photo, and get autographs and take pictures, but that is going on at various times. This year once again is the wrestling seminar with Les Thatcher and Scott Casey and a few surprise trainers. The wrestling show on Saturday afternoon,The Friday night baloney blowout, still the best bargan for $10.00, all you can eat and the road stories and interviws and just being there with other members and making new memories. From Thursday morning around 10:00AM till Saturday night when the awards end there is something going on. Plus the excitement of downtown Vegas and the Vegas Experience on Fremont street. Every few days I will drop a few names here for you to see who has bought tickets already. ALL THE HONOREES HAVE CONFIRMED they will be there and. In closing order your tickets ASAP, you can fax the order to 573-729-7998, with a Visa or MC, can also email to this is a secured e mail for credit cards or call me at 573-729-2775 with the information over the phone. Please do not call after 10PM Missouri time, you will just get a machine. Also the Plaza hotel has given us special rates and you can call them toll free at 1-800-634-6575 and say Cauliflower, event code is PCULFLR

We hope you will stay at the Plaza as we do need to meet out guarenteed block of rooms to get all the space we use with out extra cost to the club. Be well and as Jim Melby would say. "If you see the ring lights, it's time to kick out"