Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Excitment Builds

We are now down to the 3 month mark before reunion number 41, This week we have confirmed all the presenters, They include Rock Riddle, Wildman Jack Armstrong, John Tolos, Penny Banner, Lisa the adjuster Haynes, Gene LeBell, Les Thatcher, Percy Pringle (providing he is free from WWE that night) Jake Shannon, Scott White, Nick Bockwinkel, Greg Gagne,George Schires,Dick Beyer and a few surprises.

Tito Montez and The Missing Link have bought their tickets, as have another first time pair the WINDY CITY DREAM TEAM of Lance Allen and Eddie Strong from AWA fame, both now Detectives in law enforcement. Another first timer the giant killer Rubin Juarez who had the great matches with Ernie Ladd. Budda Kahn will also be back and Pistol Pete they held all the west coast titles in the 80's and early 90's. Buddy Wolf and the rock and roll kid Chester O'Laughlin, plus the one and only Gary Hart and Sir Oliver. The man who owned the mid west for years Bob Giegle and the Bushman Ken Taylor, also C.C. Starr, Billy Anderson, and Ross Hart. Another great star from the 50's and 60's making his first visit in over 20 years Enrique"Satanas" Camargo

Roller derby great and wrestling referee Don Lastra, Tiger Conway Sr, Tim Ferris aka the Punisher, plus all the honoree's except Dave Hebner had to cancel out as he is now working in TNA and his own promotion but looks forward to next year. Wrestler, actor, and stunt man, star of several wrestling movies Magic Schwarz returns hoping to win the 50/50 money again, over $900.00 last year. Paul Christy and Bunny Love return. Now that is just for starters, will post a few more later

Another BIG NEWS the PLAZA has reduced their rates for mid week to $29.00 yes it's $29.00 and if you already made your reservations they will adjust them down, The week end will still be $79.00, be sure to say your with the Cauliflower Alley Club and WANT THE SOUTH TOWER we will occupy the 2nd floor of that tower. When you check in ask for the south tower.

In closing on a very sad note, our first lady,MARIA BERNARDI, membership number 3 has had a major cerebal hemmorage and is fighting for her life in Ceders hospital in Los Angeles, your prayers and thoughts for her are most appreciated. She is 81 years old and a fighter all the way. A member from day one and has only missed the last reunion due to illness, we hope she will not miss another, the CAC has been her life for the 41 years.