Friday, October 07, 2005

CAC Welcomes newest Board Member

The officers and Board of Directors this last week are happy to welcome to the Cauliflower Alley Club Board of Directors, Teddy Speas better known in the wrestling world as Morgan Dollar. Morgan has been a CAC member for several years and a life member for the last 3 years. During the past 2 years Morgan has had a yahoo chat group for the CAC reunions and has worked with the CAC web masters on our web site. During the last year Morgan has been the one that has had the main responsibility of the web site during the time our other web masters have been busy with their paying jobs.

Morgan was asked to help with the web site and has been a key factor in it's successs over the last year. he was nominated to the Board last week by the Executive Vice President Karl Lauer and received 100% approval vote from the Board members in a record 3 days. Needing only 14 votes to be elected he recived 23.

Morgan brings to the Board a sincere desire to keep the club principals and traditions and to bring the past and the future to a common ground. You can send Morgan a email at