Friday, September 16, 2005

Rhodes and Benoit join CAC

The Cauliflower Alley Club looks at ALL members to be not only important but as main eventers. The wrestlers, boxers, movie or TV stars and fans, all share the same status at a CAC event. Those that never worked in the ring or before the camera but enjoy, support and respect those who gave so much share this same respect and status. For 41 years the club has worked hard to live up to the motto "The Ring of Friendship" I think if you have ever attended one of the 40 reunions you will agree.

Some members will be more "famous" then others, as 2 new ones who I had a the pleasure of spending some time with in the last 2 weeks as they worked shows here in Missouri. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes joined up in Popular Bluff while doing a show with our own Harley Race. To sit 2 hours with Dusty is a experience in itself, what a fantastic sence of humor, every autograph he signed was a show for the guy asking, he truly made them feel important. He actually remembered working for me way back in 1985 in California, Dusty hopes to be in Vegas next June to help honor his friend Harley Race for the Iron Mike Mazurki Award, welcome to the CAC, Dusty.

Probally one of the best workers and wrestlers active today would be Chris Benoit, a product of the famous dungeon and the Stu Hart school of hard knocks, he has made his mark in every organization that he has worked for. The titles that he has won are almost countless, but to visit with this man for a hour or so is most enjoyable. He truly loves the business and to me more important has respect and admiration for the legends and those who paved the way for todays workers. We talked mostly about the matches that he loves to watch from the 40's to the 60's. Chris was named as a future legend by the CAC a few years ago and has ALEADY earned the status.
Welcome to the CAC, Chris, hope we can have many more enjoyable visits.