Friday, July 01, 2005

Greg Oliver has aanother winner

We do not usually promote a item here on the web site, other then in a link to a item,Butlast week I received a copy of the new book Hall of Fame Tag Teams by Greg Oliver and Steve Johnson. This is not a biography or story or someones opinion about wrestling, but a book full of memories and photos and I guess every tag team that ever worked for any amount of time as a team. I tried to think of one that they missed, and just could not. We are talking from the 50's to today, just a lot of history and plain facts. It's 293 pages of just good reading and memories. My only complain is that Greg and Steve did not autograph it for me, but will get it signed next June in Vegas. You can preview it and order it from their web site or e mail Greg at Greg does the Slam wrestling site from Canada and also works with the CAC in providing us with some of the RIP section here on our site. Thanks Greg and Steve for another great informative book and your dedication to the Cauliflower Alley.