Saturday, June 11, 2005

Executive Vice President says Thank You

Its been a while and several big thank you's are needed. First to Randal Brown a CAC lifemember and owner/partner of Highspots Wrestling Rings. Randal hauled a fantastic ring all the way from the east coast to Las Vegas for our wrestling seminar, and everyone loved to work in this ring, the CAC says a BIG thank you to High Spots.

To Roland Alexander and all the APW crew who made the seminar a full exciting wrestling production, lights, music and even furnished some outstanding talent. A special thank you to Kristina who does all the paperwork and really keeps APW rolling, along with over 20 new members from APW. We are very thankful for all the help from the great guys and gals at APW.

I want to give also a special thank you to Morgan Dollar, who has been helping with the web site and is now a full co web master for the CAC. A greatly needed addition to allow us to update more often. People ask why are we not updated more, simple because all the work is volentary and has to be done between our paying jobs and other commitments. We would never be able to do the benevolent things if we had to pay to keep the club moving. Dean and Ruth Silverstone do the newsletters, a lot of work at no cost to the club, Royal Duncan and Royal Publishing print them at material cost only, Tom and Chris Drake our legal counsels provide all legal and book keeping, non profit status requirements, Kurt Neilsen and Jason Deadrich work the web site. All of these work at no cost to the club. It's because of this dedication that we were able to give out to wrestlers in need almost $10,000.00 in the last 14 months. Your dues do a lot more then you realize.

Watch the web site for all the news of next year, once again in Las Vegas this time in June, the 8th .9th and 10th. All the details in the next few months.Gloria Lovell and Nick Bockwinkle are working very close to make 2006 another event to be proud of, and as you see what is being planned, to be as excited as they are.

In closing I have received over 100 ballots for 2007, at this time it's stay in Vegas with a small lead over St Louis. But with over 1000 active members a lot can happen.

Remember the club can only be as good as it's members. Be well and send me your ballots and idea's.

Karl K. Lauer
Executive Vice President