Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Back again with the second fall. One of CAC President Red Bastien's biggest supporters comes direct from Pasadena, Texas. Tim Huddleston wrote another follow-up letter to me and his passion for professional wrestling, and Red Bastien in particular, comes shining through. I sent Red the bulk of this letter, and want to include a poem that Tim wrote years ago as a member of Red's Fan Club, which apparently was based out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It sounds like Red must have been a class act in his dealings with Tim. Of course, we would expect nothing less!

Jeff Sharkey

The Legend of Red Bastien
by Tim Huddleston
There once came a wrestler to the Lone Star State
A wrestlers fans could support and appreciate
He rassled by the book and he rassled clean
This wrestler was named Red Bastien

Pretty soon after his timely arrival
He captured the Texas State Title
He defended it with pride, not like junk
He defended it against big Texans like Terry and Dory Funk

Once our hero got himself in one helluva bind
He had to defend it against Big Johnny Valentine
Well son, he defeated Big John in two straight falls
The name of Red Bastien filled the halls

Soon after these worthy trends
He became one of my very best friends
To me he's like those legends that never fade
He was one of the best that God ever made

Or maybe the best wrestler you ever seen
Thank God for "Red" Bastien