Sunday, April 15, 2007

Top 10 things to bring to the CAC Reunion.....

1. An extra clock so that you don't accidentally ask Nick Bockwinkel what time it is and learn how to build a watch.

2. A salt shaker so that you'll have another seasoning to go with your "Pepper" at the banquet.

3. A pair of new running shoes so that you can get to the buffet table before Father Jason at the blowout.

4. Your "Webster's Revised Cross-accented Dictionary" so that you can understand Charlie Smith's mix of Oxford/Hillbilly accents.

5. Extra money to buy a raffle ticket form the lovely Penny Banner... or else!

6. A bucket to give to ox baker. Since he can't carry a tune while singing, maybe he can carry one in a bucket.

7. A pair of sunglasses so Georgous Michelle Starr's sequines and glitter don't blind you at the Banquet.

8. A ladder. You'll need one to pay attention to some of the tall tales that will be told!

9. An empty suitcase. Gotta have something to carry home all the stuff you buy from the gimmick tables!

10. The most important things of all.... yourself!