Saturday, April 14, 2007

Be sure you’re at Friday night’s main event.......

Cauliflower Alley Club honors the many Canadians who have left such an outstanding mark on professional wrestling over the years on Friday evening, with the special presentation "Salute to the Canadians" at the annual baloney blowout.

Slam!Wrestling’s Greg Oliver, a regular at our functions over the past several years, pairs up with CAC newcomer Scott D’Amore to emcee the event. Scott had a lengthy run with NWA TNA Wrestling as the brazen manager of Team Canada, and worked extensively behind the scenes over much of the promotion’s existence to date. He also has his own promotion, Border City Wrestling, in Windsor, Ontario. Greg and Scott are no strangers to the microphone, and they’ll be passing it around among the many Canadian wrestlers who’ll be on the scene.

Canadians will be especially identified with a Canada flag pin on their name badges.......look for it, and tune in to the many "tales of the road" that they’re sure to have at the ready. Nine shows a week out in the maritime provinces? Driving the loop in Stampede Wrestling in forty degrees below, snow and high winds, as much as a thousand miles out and back for a single show? Working in Ontario, in every kind of arena from Toronto’s hallowed Maple Leaf Gardens to small-town curling rinks on Dave "Bearman" McKigney’s tours? All those recollections and more are yours for the asking!

Special greetings from the Government of Canada, recognizing our sport’s hundred year history in the nation, will be delivered. Copies of one of Greg Oliver’s top-flight books will be awarded to some lucky winners. And all the Canadians will be gathered together for a group photo, to be displayed at future reunions.

The Canadians will be out in force. Bret Hart. Maurice and Paul Vachon. Killer Kowalski. Don Leo Jonathon, who’s lived in Vancouver so long he qualifies as Canadian. Ditto for long-time Ontario resident Angelo Mosca. Pepper Martin. Gil Hayes. Michelle Starr. Jack Laskin. Ross Hart. Bruce Swayze. Pat Patterson. Ted Gordienko, George’s nephew. Nick and Jerry Kozak. John Cozman. Billy Two Rivers. The list goes on and on.......

Friday will be a great evening, so be at ringside sharp at 6:30 when "Salute to the Canadians" gets underway!.