Friday, April 01, 2005


Bill Douglas from the advertising firm P&F Commumications, that set up the showing of Lipstick and Dynamite with us has been notified by the producers and distributors that they will not be sending the film that was to be shown on Friday night. The Cauliflower Alley Club had agreed to show the film at no cost to them , they only had to pay for the use of the TV equiptment to show it on the big screen. Approx. $200.00. Both Bill Douglas and Ray Forsythe expressed total disappointment in this late change of plans, and feel the showing at the club would have been a big boost for the film, do to be shown around the country in the near future.
We wish them the best and hope they can do well with the film. I know Gladys Gillum, and Penny Banner two of the stars of the movie will be disapointed. I do have on file the letter to us stating the film would be shown and for us to announce it to our members and the public via our web site. I am sure we will fill the spot with some good events and great stories by our ever exiting membership. The CAC is never lost for excitement with 450 main eventers in the audience.