Saturday, February 12, 2005

Riviera Hotel offers another benifit to CAC

I just received a written confirmation from the Riviera for discounts to ALL their shows, and these are good size discounts. SPLASH the award winning show Reguler $65.00 for $40.00, La CAGE the oldest running show in Vegas Reg $47.95 for us $23.80, Comedy Club and Crazy Girls Reg $42.95 for us $17.75, Jay White as Neil Diamond Reg $49.95 for us $23.80 and all prices include tax and gratuity. These prices will be honored from Tuesday night through Sunday night, so you do not have to miss any CAC activities to see any of these shows. We will have details at the hospitality desk when you check in. I have seen Splash, Crazy Girls and Jay White they are outstanding shows. Two other shows are also offered. Dr Scott a $35,95 show for $13.75 and the Amazing Jonathan a $58.95 show for $48.95