Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Don Jardine

In all my years with the club, I have had to deal with the loss of many friends and seen the sorrow both from family and club members, though I only met Don Jardine one time in Nashville TN several years ago at a fan convention we were both working. Him as The Spoiler, and me for the CAC. I was extremely impressed with his skill and ability and knowledge about such a wide variety topics. We talked about everything other then wrestling, business law and corporate structure, he was really interested in my life outside the wrestling world. I asked to join the CAC and he said he would think about it, was not really a joiner but would really think about it.

I bring this up, because last Saturday, I received his membership application, his reservations to attend the banquet in April for him and his wife Becky. I was excited and sent out e mails announcing his coming and finally joining the CAC to a lot of members. This was mailed on the 8th from home in Canada. When I looked at our web site on Sunday afternoon to see he had passed away, the day I received his application, was a shock to say the least. The wrestling world lost another great talent, the CAC lost something we never had but wanted so much. His membership will still be recorded complimentary, and he will still be included in the Friday night honoring the Canadians.

In closing our heart felt condolences go out to his family and those who knew him well.