Sunday, December 17, 2006

Many Moods....By Joey Boesch

This is the title of the second CD, CAC's proud member Joey Boesch has just released. Joey has entertained the CAC members at the annual reunions for several years. And is always a welcome at any CAC function. Jamie Quinn recently set down with Joey and his mom Valerie and discussed what made Joey a "Musical Genius".

Joey lost his sight shortly after birth, and began playing the piano by ear at age 4. He has an acute sense of hearing and and astounding memory, but attributes none of these enhanced abilities to science. Instead Joey describes his talent as a "gift from God".

By age 7, Joey began taking formal piano lessons and often entertained audiences at home, at school and at church. "It was something I did every day," said Boesch. "But, I guess I more or less considered it just for play." Joey studied piano and voice at Lamar University in Beaumont and later attended Houston Baptist University.

Joeys talent has caught the eyes of many people over the years and has giving him the honor to performing in front of the likes of Paul Anka, Dennis James and Bob Hope, to Liberace, Kenny Rogers and even the President of the United States.

A few times a month Joey performs for Prison inmates in Lake Jackson.
"Its a church service, I do the music along with some other members of my team, and we have a special guest speaker to bring the gospel message to the inmates."

Joey says his faith has helped him through some tough challenges. He was born prematurely and received to much oxygen after birth. As a result, he lost his sight and developed a very mild form of cerebral palsy.

"Growing up, I was challenged at times by my disability, but I was able to overcome it, and find ways to get around it. With God all things are possible."

Joey's mom (and personal manager), Valerie said of Joey,"He has a divine gift. He is brilliant, his mind is brilliant."

Joey's father the great promoter Paul Boesch was well liked and highly respectable gentleman. And Joey and his mother Valerie continue to keep the Boesch name as respected as it was with his late father. If you would like to purchase a cd from Joey or learn more about Joeys love for music. Please visit his website at There you can view some photos of people Joey has performed for. Such as the late President Ronald Reagan, First Lady Barbara Bush, Dan Quayle, Red Buttons, Phillis Diller, former Texas Governor George W. Bush and many more.

As always the Cauliflower Alley Club looks forward to another night of entertainment from Joey at the 2007 Reunion in Las Vegas.
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