Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wrestler/ That Dog Hunts by Larry Whittler

Wrestling is deeply rooted in small towns across the country, and was one of the first regularly televised programs in America. Whitey Whittler started his wrestling career in the early 1930’s and was trained by Ed Strangler Lewis. To this day, Whitey still appears on television re-runs in Chicago that were originally taped in the early 50’s. Tulsa was also a regular stop for the Whittler’s. Leroy McGuirk, Hugh Davis and the Blue Whale were old friends. Tampa was the final destination where Whitey settled in with old fishing buddies Cowboy Luttrall, Jack Dempsey and Eddie Graham.

"Throughout America it was a special event when Dad took the kids to the local Armory or City Auditorium to root for their favorite good guy or boo the bad guy. You can’t mention wrestling to anyone that was brought up in the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s without them relating the memories of their first evening at the local wrestling matches. This was an exciting chapter in America’s history."

This true story is told through the eyes of Whitey’s son who witnessed the events from a unique perspective as his family traveled throughout the United States and Canada. The stories include relationships with other wrestlers in the ring and out, and the adventures they shared with friends as they moved across America.

Whitey's son, Larry Whittler has made his plans to attend the CAC reunion in 2007. His book has gained rave reviews from Barnes & Noble. For more information and to read some interesting information, visit his site at http://www.thatdoghunts.com/