Monday, September 04, 2006

We are not perfect

I recently received a letter from a CAC life member and old friend of over 20 years, in it he had a major complaint about the 2006 reunion, and after I read his letter and checked the tapes from the banquet and Friday night, I felt like we had done him and his guest a true injustice. I make no excuses for our mistake, it simple should not have happened. The writer of the letter is "Little" Joe Quevedo, he likes to be called Little Joe, he worked with and for me all during my promotions in California as head of security, in private life he is a real life private investigator and security specialist, and a valued friend for over 20 years. I am thankful that he was willing to write the letter and offer justified complaints and tell it like it is, we can only correct our errors if we know we made them.

Joe has bought a full table of 10 the week after each banquet for the next year, for the last several years and always brings with him 2 or 3 guests from Mexico, he was the first to bring Frey Tormenta, the wrestling priest from Mexico and other stars over the years, this last year he brought us the original Giant Killer from Mexico now a successful doctor in his own country, the legendary Rubin Juarez. Rubin who stands around 5'5" about made a lot of promoters a lot of money with his matches with the 7 foot plus Ernie Ladd. They must have had 25 or more matches and sold out every building and area with a large Hispanic population. In Los Angeles he was the number one star for over a year and then went all over the country as the giant killer, he introduced a lot of the moves we now see with the Mexican stars for the first time. Why do I tell you all this, because we did not recognize him or introduce him to those in attendance, he traveled a long way and left a good payday at his office and we just dropped the ball on the goal line. And I am sure there were some others who we missed, not intentionally, but one lousy sheet of paper with names on it, was misplaced and none of the 3 or 4 doing the Friday night or Saturday night awards realized it or had it.

In closing if you were there and did not get recognized or made to feel welcome, please accept our apology for our unorganized evening, We will correct this next April by coding all the attendees as they register and have a master list for the MC's. Thank you Little Joe for letting us know, and please call Rubin in Mexico and let him know.