Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mariko Yoshida wins CAC 2006 Future Legend Award

Congratulations to Mariko Yoshida for being the 2nd female in CAC history to win the Future Legend Award last week in Las Vegas!

"The Future Legend Award was given to Mariko Yoshida of Japan. At 36 years of age, she's been involved with pro wrestling for 18 years, including a run as CMLL World champion in Mexico and running her own promotion in Japan. Yoshida was very emotional on stage; she started to say thank you in her native Japanese, but broke down crying. Consoled by award presenters Roland Alexander and "Cheerleader" Melissa Anderson (2004 Future Legend), Yoshida gathered her wits about her for a heart-felt "unbelievable" before sitting down." Read the complete story at SLAM! Wrestling