Tuesday, August 09, 2005

World's Oldest Wrestler Turning 100

Abe Colman will turn 100 on September 21st.

He is living in a nursing home.

CAC members Tom Townsend and John Pantozzi visit Abie.

Cards and best wishes can be sent to Abie in care of Tom Townsend at the following address:

74-45 Yellowstone Road
Rego Park New York 11374

Abie started wrestling in the 1920's up to the the early 60's. A small man, but a dynamite wrestler, who continued to show his stuff as he got older.

When he was in his late 70's while walking in a park near his home, two young guys saw this old fella and well he was an easy mark for a mugging. Make a long story
short, Abie took em both down and gave them a lesson in what shooting was all about.