Monday, August 15, 2005

Fr. Bill Olivas Has Heart Attack

From Tom Burke:

The well liked frair, Fr. Bill Olivas who wrestled for many years as Tony Olivas aka the Elephant Boy had a heart attack 2 weeks ago while on vacation.

I called him last nite to inform him of the passing of Chris Tolos. He told me that he had a heart attack and is in recovery. They performed open heart surgey on the Padre.

He is feeling well and hopes to continue his ministry in the next couple of months. He is also looking forward to attending the 2006 CAC.

As I think back some 60 years ago when WW2 ended and realize that we are seeing his generation slowly slip away. Fr. Bill was is the Normandy Invasion and continued
in the Army for another 6 months after the end of WW2 (they would not release him due
to his linguist talents). As 1000 WW2 vets pass away daily it reminds us what it must have been like to have a been a war to save the world.

Anyone that would like to send Fr. Bill a card his address is as follows:

Fr Bill Olivas, OSA
St. Thomas Friary
185 St Thomas Drive
Ojai CA 93023