Wednesday, January 19, 2005

2005 Cribbage Tournament Announced

The 2005 Cauliflower Alley Club Benevolent fund / Dick "THE DESTROYER" Byers Cribbage Tournament will once again be held at the CAC reunion in April. The first tournament held saw Butcher Vachon leave with the trophy. The second year it was Larry "THE AXE" Hennig. Who will it be in 2005?

"THE DESTROYER", Dick Byers is very upset. He started this tournament 3 years ago. And has yet to take home the trophy. "THE DESTROYER" claims, "I am the best cribbage player of all time! I started this tournament and one way or another I will prevail this year. There is no wrestler (retired or other wise) that can beat me in a three year period. This years tournament will be the DESTROYER'S TOURNAMENT! And I will leave with the trophy."

Previous participants include Ox Baker, Al Friend, Fred Curry, Butcher Vachon, Dick Byers along with so many more legends of Pro Wrestling.
Now is your chance to sit face to face with a Pro-Wrestling legend and try to get a pin fall over your opponent. The names are drawn and the brackets are then writing down. Nobody knows who they will face until this time.

Entry is open to everyone, here is your chance to play against the best wrestler/cribbage players in a no holds barred winner take all battle of the cribbage board. The winner will receive the championship plaque and the winners name will be placed on the club records as a true champion. Your photo will also be placed on the Cauliflower Alley Clubs official website as a true champion.

It will run Friday afternoon and again on Saturday. So to coordinate with other events. The entry fee will once again be $20.00 donation to the benevolent fund, a tax receipt will be given to any one who asks as a tax deductible donation. You can sign up and pay for this, one of a kind tournament at the reception / sign in table prior to the tournament.
Or of course contact Dick Byers anytime during the day at the reunion.