Saturday, November 27, 2004

RIP: Dandy Jack Donovan

From Karl Lauer:

It is with deep regret I let you know that this morning in a accident at a construction site that Dandy Jack Donavan was killed. Dandy Jack was a long time CAC member and a honoree at our first Newton Iowa reunion. A member of the Gulf Coast Reunion and a friend to so many. Jack had fought and defeated the big C in the last few years and just turned 76. He had gone to the mall construction site where he had a crew from his painting company working. Shirley his wife was not clear why he climbed a ladder but a freak accident he fell and was killed instantly. Those of you who know Jack and Shirley Donavant, keep her in your prayers and let her know how much Jack meant to you. When she called me at 3:45 PM Missouri time the accident had only happened 6 hours earlier.